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[SPECIAL/INFO ] Chronology of T-ara controversy


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Key dates:

: T-ara tweeted ( except Qri) about the Determination about Bodukan Concert

: The rumors about bullying in T-ARA started ( based on netizens evidences)

: T-ARA last performance in Inkigayo – a nightmare for T-ARA 3rd Anniversary.

: Hwayoung left T-ARA after 20 months

KKS revealed the reasons Hwayoung left T-ARA

KKS to reconsider Hwayoung to rejoin T-ARA in future.

CCM meets with Hwayoung parents

5Dolls Hyoyoung shed tears over the dismissal of her sister from T-ARA.

Advertisers begin to pull T-ARA after bullying controversy.

T-ARA to temporarily halt scheduling future events.

: Hwayoung visiting CCM and tweeted beg netizens to stop all the craziness over

The scandals-Netixens starting to find out Secret Message from Hwayoung’s tweet.

Maru denied rumors about Hwayoung to sign a contract under the agency.

: Soyeon get involved in major car accident in Busan district.

: Hyomin attended 1000th Man press conf

: EunJung attended SBS Five Fingers press conf

: T-ARA to attend Hallyu Dream Concert on Sep 18,2012.

: Eunjung breach contracts stir attention online.

: Eunjung left the SBS Five Finger drama

Five Fingers’ Producers Cause Confusion with Announcement of Eun Jung’s Departure

Korean Entertainment Management Association speaks up to defend T-ara’s Eunjung

T-ARA to attend KPOP Paradise 2012 in Okinawa,Japan Oct 18.

: KBS debating wether to air or edit out Eunjung-Jiyeon 20seconds cameos for Shut Up Famliy

: Five Fingers PD looking for Eunjung replacement even before official removal.

SBS and 5Finger team apology to KBS-Gaksital PD teams.

Broadcast Performer Labor Union demands SBS Producers to apologize to Eunjung

KALU “Eunjung was threatened by the ‘Five Fingers’ PD”.

Haeundae Lovers writer speak up about T-ARA issue and Soyeon

T-ARA to lost USD$3.2 million in just three weeks.

: Eunjung filmed with Jang Woo for WGM as their last episode for the program.

: KBS reconsider to edit out Eunjung-Jiyeon 20-30seconds cameos of “Shut Up Family”

: Eunjung Jiyeon 20-30sc cameos in Shut Up Familiy will edited out by KBS

T-ARA to make appearance KPOP Nature A+ on Sep 8,2012 in Jeju Island.

Hwayoung tweeted after a month of silent

: KOMCA list T-ARA to make come back with Sexy Love & Day And Night (repackage)

Instiz confirmed T-ARA come back with Sey Love on Aug 30.

: CCM to announce T-ARA to make come back on Sep 3.

KBS finally confirmed T-ARA come back stage with Sexy Love on Sep 7.

T-ARA posted a handwriting apology letter on their agency website.

: Netizens speculating the apology letter fabricated.

CCM revealed Qri the one who wrote the apology letter.

CCM to confirms T-ARA come back stage for M! Countdown on Sep 6.

CCM release jacket photo for Sexy Love.

Sexy Love teaser released on GomTV -wins over KARA Pandora on GomTV chart.

CCM to confirms album sales to postpone to Sep 12.

: K-Queen’s revealed solid evidences about ‘bullying existance’ in T-ARA by netizens

CCM released 4MVs for Sexy Love (Dance & Drama vers) BTS of Sexy Love , Day And Night MV (Areum feat ShannonGAVY NJ Geonji )

Sexy Love received over 2 million hits after released.

: Five Fingers rating getting decreased episode by episode after the dismissal of Eunjung from the drama.

: CCM to release audio version of Sexy Love.

: CCM revealed Little T-ARA will perform for Sexy Love ( 35 seconds of robot dance )

Public and netizens criticize T-ARA for Little T-ARA.

KBS banned T-ARA to promote Sexy Love on Music Bank

: T-ARA to make comeback stage on M!Countdown.

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The news about T-ARA,The Chamelons of KPOP T-ARA strikes and beats the London 2012 Olympic Games and half of 7 millions people on earth paid their attentions into T-ARA.Who is T-ARA? What’s T-ARA did until most of Korean can’t focusing to Olympic Games 2012.

25/07/12: T-ara tweeted (in order of chronology):

Hyomin: Differences of determination^^ all of us have determinations! Hwaiting!

Soyeon:@b89530 Differences of determinations + manner + caring ♥ Let’s us hwaiting today ^^^^*

Jiyeon: @b89530b Differences of determinations^^ Passionate^^ Hardworking^^ Let’s give clap to our acting talent^^

Boram: clap clap clap.. applause @pjy1234 @b89530b Differences of determinations^^ Passionate^^ Hardworking^^ Let’s give clap to our acting talent^^

Hwayoung: There are times when commitment alone is not enough, at such times one might feel sad but think about it, it also has a good side, I believe in heaven’s will…God you know what? Hoot.

Meanwhile, due to the injury on the ankle after Day By Day performance for Incheon Music Festival Hwayoung stripped and hurt her ankle, Hwayoung couldn’t attend the concert in Budokan Tokyo with the rest of members


Eunjung tweeted : Status is something that’s created by human, determination is also created by human.. ah sad. shall always remember to act caring toward people RT @b89530: Differences of determination ^^ all of us have determinations! Hwaiting!!!!!!

Also Hyoyoung the twin sister of Hwayoung tweeted: What does it matter if your face is pretty. It’s your heart that has to be pretty. Is a person who is unwell, not a person? I’m hurting too. I want to seriously cry. I should just practice instead..”

Her tweet was considered like “adding fuel into fire”


K-netizens started creating rumour Hwayoung was bullied by T-ara members based on their tweets.

When CCM was asked about this issue, the PR department explained T-ara twitter accounts were hacked …!!!!

The situation became worst once Allkpop released the article like a confirmation about the bullying without any official statement from CCM or T-ara


CEO of CCM Kim Kwang Soo would make a big announcement about T-ara situation on the 30th. The content of the announcement is unknown, but it’s likely related to the situation that happened recently on Twitter in which it looked like some members were insulting fellow member Hwayoung.

After the news, netizens explosed with nonsense rumors. Hatetizens and antis cleverly cut off some screen caps from variety show to make as Hwayoung was really bullied.

You can go here for the details of evidences about the bullying :


Many Queen’s believed in rumor then have turned their back to the fandom and became antis.

Hwayoung followers on twitter increased from 80K to 250K.


T-ara still performed in Inkigayo stage. Somehow it was pre-record.

The rumor still blew up far and beyond of control. It is said: there are one or some members have to be kicked out of T-ARA. Netizens believed that would be Hyomin because she is the first one who started the ‘fight’. Queen’s fandom was torn into million pieces.

CCM stated that never mention about replacing members. Everything is just RUMORS and they could not reveal anything further before KKS returns from Japan.

Loyal and hardcore fans of T-ARA waiting for the ‘beautiful day’ to come since 29/07 is the 3rd anniversary of T-ARA.T-ARA as the Chamelons of KPOP from one of the most loved KPOP girl group fall to the most hated at the moment. 3 years of hardworking,days and nights with tears and sweats was gone with the wind only in just 3 days.


T-ARA’s agency has revealed Hwayoung to leave T-ARA after 20 months.

KKS decided to axe Hwayoung based on the feedback of 19 staff who work directly with T-ARA (five stylists and seven make-up artists, five on-site managers and two group managers).

Kim Kwang Soo revealed the reasons Hwayoung left T-ARA

CCM revealed Hwayoung’s inappropriate behavior : Hwayoung suddenly left before T-ara’s live stage performance for the July 27th Music Bank stating that she could not go on stage due to her leg injury.

Due to Hwayoung’s leg injury she would do her rap part in a chair and had even completed camera rehearsal. However, when T-ARA was to be the the 3rd in line to perform, she suddenly said she wouldn’t perform and acted inappropriately.

KKS added: “It wasn’t just the Music Bank incident,” but a number of other incidents as well. However, he does not wish to reveal any further incidents to protect Hwayoung.Hwayoung’s contract was terminated immediately ( even her contract with CCM will expire at the end of August 2012 )

Right after the press released, Hwayoung left a tweet “The fact without truth”

Meanwhile, “Five Fingers” content producer said to Star News on the 30th, “Currently, Eunjung’s appearance in ‘Five Fingers’ and everything related to it is staying the same. Because of the changes happening in T-ARA, it is not relevant or directly related to Eunjung’s role in the drama.”

Kim Kwang Soo to reconsider Hwayung to rejoin T-ARA with conditions.

In the same day, Kim Kwangsoo said to Star News, “If Hwayoung truly realizes her wrongs, it’s possible to talk with the T-ARA members and staff about her to rejoin T-ARA IF Hwayoung looks over her previous actions and self-reflects and she does not repeat the same misbehaviors.

Soon as the controversy surrounding T-ARA, a bunch of netizens starting to create T-ARA anti-fans café, called T-JIHYO. T-jihyo is a fancafe which was established a petition in order to protect Hwayoung – “We demand the truth from T-ARA”. So far the anti-fans café gained more than 300K members.

There were a lot of rumors about T-ARA were spread by netizens as Jiyeon slapped Hwa in the practicing room. An ex-trainee claimed himself as a witnesses for the incident Jiyeon slap Hwayoung with heels in the practice room. Once again, netizens won but loyal Queen’s which following T-ARA even before debut noticing Jiyeon never wore heels during practice for their choreos . Since the rumors about bullying issue getting worst than expected,CCM decided to take legal actions against seven media outlets and those who create there rumors.


CCM and Kim Kwang Soo meets Hwayoung’s parents.

In the midst of the bullying controversy,KKS had a talk and met with Hwayoung parents and clarifying the reasons Hwayoung being axed from T-ARA. KK revealed wayoung parents understand the situations. The father was asked by a reporter a while later but he did not give any comments .After a meeting, K-medias speculated CCM paid Hwayoung’s parents to zip their mouth about the meeting conversation between the two parties. Other netizens begin to claim KKS threaten Hwayoung’s twin Hyoyoung, a member of 5Dolls since she still has few months left before her contract with CCM expire.

Some loyal Queen’s respond to the situation about Hwayoung’s reactions.

“IF Hwayoung was bullied during her 20 months live with T-ARA, why on earth Hwayoung’s parents did not seek a justice for her? Why Hwayoung’s parent did not fight for their daughter? Why and why Hwayoung’s declines to perform on Music Bank for last munites? ( Hyomin and Eunjung have to memorize her rap lines in just 10 minutes)..For over a months WHY WHY WHY and WHY will never get answers from every one.

Advertiser begin to pull T-ARA as their models/ambassadors after bullying issue.

One of comestic brand Tony Moly decided to terminate the contract of advertisement with T-ARA even the original contract will expire on end of August. “T-ara’s contract ends at the end of August. We were in the midst of negotiating a new contract, but now that this controversy has happened, we will not be signing them on again.”

Meanwhile outdoor clothing brand Wild Rose was stated ““There is still time left with their contract, but because this is such a sensitive issue, we will be working with T-ara’s company to figure out what to do next.” T-ARA contract with Wild Rose will expire on March 2013.

The National Police Agency removed Eunjung image from their main homepage where she was serving as ambassador for the police department and replaced with f(x) Krystal.


T-ARA temporarily to halt scheduling future events.

CCM confirmed Soyeon would not attend a press conference for KBS Haeundae Lovers drama which would be held on 01/08. All T-ara activities was halted temporally.

Hwayoung tweeted to apologize CCM family : My fans who have loved me until now, I apologize for disappointing you. Now, please stop and just look forward to a more mature and sophisticated side of us. I’m sorry for making you worry. To my Core Contents Media family, I’m also sorry. Next time, I’ll appear with a better image ».

KKS stated to media Hwayoung apologized him in tear and so do T-ara. Also, KKS revealed more about Hwayoung personality: hard to get along.

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The most sensible article about T-ARA current issue for the whole July-Aug.


T-ara first domestic concert at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul was postpone until the end of year 2012.

Hwayoung and Hyoyoung got a meeting with Maru Planning ( Ent agency) –Maru was subsidiaries under CCM.

However, Maru Planning CEO said today, “There is a very small chance of her signing a contract,” dismissing rumors.


Nate released an article T-ara are victims of unconfirmed reports in the media which is said T-ara controversy was based on unreliable rumor and the reporters had not verify the sources.


Core Contents Media will file seven criminal complaints against the media. “Media published stories including imposter accounts by a two-year trainee, T-ara’s back-up dancer, CEO Kim Kwangsoo, Hwayoung and so on. They also published stories related to the bullying issue taken from Internet websites with text and images that were not confirmed before being posted, thus fueling the fire.”

“We are not suing the first publishers of the Internet postings, but the media who published these as fact without properly verifying it. When media plans it, it makes a big wave through the social network and is seen by everyone then. We have hired two lawyers to begin criminal complaints on the 6th.”

CEO Kim Kwangsoo has proposed to meet with representatives from T-Jinyo

Prior to the news, it was announced T-Jinyo will have a protest in front of Core Contents Media at 5:00 PM on the 4th.

The protest will be legal, because T-Jinyo has already submitted documents to authorities to verify it.


CEO Kim Kwangsoo of Core Contents Media has revealed a handwritten apology


He said in his public apology, “This is Core Contents Media’s CEO Kim Kwangsoo. After Hwayoung’s contract was terminated, there were many people who misunderstood what was said and lead to more misunderstandings about bullying and a blur to what happen. I apologise and bow my head.”

T-ara ( Eunjung, Jiyeon, Areum) featured in Sebakwi MBC variety show. Right after the show, the message board has received a lot of complain from netizens. They didn’t want to see T-ara on TV.


Nate released an article written by Kim Yong Hyo whom witnessed T-ara interactions between members during the Bukando concert. He confirmed Hwayoung was not bullied by the rest of members.


CCM confirmed Hyomin would attend the press conf of 1000th Man which would be held on 14/08


CCM confirmed Eunjung would attend the press conf of Five Fingers which would be held on 16/08


T-ara leader Soyeon for the first time after the issue appeared on Chosun Media Tv (it was recorded on 10/08/12). She has answered the questions which concerned about Hwayoung in tears. Soyeon did not deny those tweets that implied Hwayoung but not bully like people thought. By the way she revealed one of reasons T-ara got mad with Hwayoung that Hwayoung did go to the Beauty salon while the others had to practice hard for the concert.



Soyeon got a car accident while was on her way to Busan for filming her KSB drama “Haeundae Lovers”. “Thankfully, Soyeon has no big injuries but the traffic was being held up and the schedule for the drama filming had to be postponed for her to receive a proper check-up at the hospital.”



Heartless netizens once again speculated that the accident was totally made up.


Due to injury ( shoulder muscle, neck and tailbone pain), Soyeon couldn’t film for the episode which would be aired on 21/08/2012.


Hyomin appeared in public for the 1000th Man drama press conf. A reporter ask Hyomin, “The public is interested in the explanation behind the Hwayoung bullying situation.” But Hyomin declined to answer any question related to T-ARA scandals.

“I’m very happy today and am here because of the hard work of the staff and other actors from ‘One Thousandth Man’ and don’t want to trouble them by these questions. So I hope that the questions can be related to the drama,” Hyomin replied with tears in her eyes.


Even the journalist described Hyomin has lost her smile.

[**** Side note: This is prescon for the drama.Any questions must be related to the drama. IF you wanted to know details about the scandals, please wait because you will get the answer for your questions.]


In her interview, Jiyeon’s mother revealed each T-ARA member currently stay with their parents and the controversy effected their daily life so much. Jiyeon locked herself in her room for days and did not manage to talk to her family. While, Wooram, a member of D-UNIT said her older sister Boram could not be reach as she did switch off her phone.


After two weeks of the scandals, this is the first times Eunjung showed up in public.

In Five Fingers press conf, Eunjung bowed her head and denied to answer any questions related to the “T-ara current situations.”

Again, reporters commented Eunjung also lost her smile. During the press conf, Eunjung stayed IDLE. That’s might be the best thing she can do.


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Eunjung prepared herself reading the scripts for hours with Ji Chang Wook,her co-actor in Five Finger for her first scene in Five Finger which would be aired on 1/09.


Eunjung supposed to film her first scene but there were a rumor her role jeopardized because of issues with sponsors.

SBS confirmed the rumor was true because of an issue with indirect advertising (PPL). The advertisers for the drama influenced the production side of “Five Fingers” after the recent member issues with T-ara were brought up.

The broadcasters said, “The controversial issue of T-ara’s member leaving and Eunjung being in ‘Five Fingers’ at the same time was mentioned ultimately promoted the drama. Although Eunjung might not hurt the ratings, people might not buy the products being advertised if she’s there and it would be a waste in the PPL sponsors’ eyes.”

The decision that dismiss her was done in 24hours. Even Eunjung herself has not known anything about that. She collapsed after the announcement.Soon after reached home , her mother stated Eunjung does not want to speak even locked herself in her room.


KBS debating wether to air or edit out Eunjung-Jiyeon 20seconds cameos for Shut Up Family.


KALU “Eunjung was threatened by the ‘Five Fingers’ PD”.

Korean Actor Labor Union (CEO Han Yongsoo) has claimed that Eunjung being kicked off of the cast of SBS drama “Five Fingers” was due to blackmail/threats.The asnwers from Five Fingers PD Cho Younghun ‘Voluntarily leave! Or we’ll create a withdrawal form’ and threatened her.”


Eunjung filmed with Jang Woo for WGM as their last episode for the program.

Few hour later, news revealed Lee Jang Woo to release his very first single, “Words I Couldn’t Say “, a very special song dedicated to Ham Eunjung, his 500 days ‘precious wife’. Soon after released, the single break a records and made it Top 10 song in Melon. A day later, the official MV released and gained tons of love from netizens.



Earlier KBS promised not to edited out Eunjung and Jiyeon 20-30seconds cameo in KBCB comedy ‘Shut Up Family” but due to a lot of pressures from netizens and public, KBS have to edited out Eunjung-Jiyeon cameo in order to save the show rating.


For the first times in a month after the bullying scandal, finally former member of T-ARA Hwayoung spoken up through her Twitter :


In it she wrote, “After reading the news on Eun Jung unnie’s departure from her drama, my heart has not been at ease. Though there was a conflict stemming from a difference in opinions among the T-ara members, my heart is pained to see accusations of ostracizing swirling and the situation seemingly worsen. I have also been hurt and distressed to see the truth about each other being distorted.”

She added, “However, as there were also many happy days we shared together being under the same label, I want to forget all the past things and now encourage and support each other with a smiling face once more. Many of you have loved T-ara, cherished it and come to it and I am sorry this incident has caused so much concern and anxiety to everyone.”

Again, netizens with their insanity and stupidity claimed KKS might threaten her twin Hyoyoung.Within 5 minutes, the articles about Hwayoung tweets became HITS.

In the circulation of Hwayoung tweets, there’s a very good news for the Queen’s or Kpoppers : Instiz revealed T-ARA to make come back with two new songs « Sexy Love & Day And Night » and both songs will release digitally on Aug 30 2012.

KBS Music Bank revealed the details news about T-ARA to make come back on Music Bank still unconfirmed.

“T-ara’s agency did contact us. We discussed their appearance but did not confirm anything. T-ara being performers on September 7th is not confirmed.”


A day after Hwayoung tweeted about her frustration ove Eunjung situation on Five Fingers drama, T-ARA released a long handwriting apology letter and posted it on their agency website.


"We write this letter after much deliberation.The past month has felt longer than the time it took us to debut and the time we've promoted under all of your love.First, we would like to honestly apologize for making so many concerned.We admit that we were immature in not being able to resolve our differences in opinions within the group and letting it out publicly, and we are all reflecting on it together.We deeply apologize for acting without thought.If we had understood each other, shared, and acted more maturely, none of this would have happened..We think that thought every day in misery.Looking back, we've always overcome any hardships together while chasing the same dream, and it breaks our heart to think that all of those good memories are being seen in a bad light.We also think that Hwayoung must have gone through a hard time for being misunderstood as being ostracized.We were all surprised at a result none of us thought or wanted and feel upset that we can no longer be together again.We hope that Hwayoung no longer has to face any pain again.We apologize to everyone for concerning everyone with this issue and disappointing those that loved our music.This hardship was an opportunity of learning for us.We are supposed to be the strength of many, and have now learned how much responsibility we have on our shoulders, as well as how responsibly we must act.To our parents, who live for us, and our fans, who will remain by us until the end to love our music...And to everyone we disappointed, we want to work hard so that our apology will be accepted.We are genuinely sorry. We ask that you also give your everlasting support and love to Hwayoung, who must have had a harder time than us.We will always support Hwayoung no matter what.From all of T-ara.

(Translated by netizenbuzz)

Soon, netizens speculating the apopolgy letter are fabricated. Well, as long its call netizens, nothing in the world can pleased their stupidity and their insanity even IF you asked them to write down their demands. Some said Hyomin the one who wrote the letter but at the end of the day, CCM made a clarification the one who wrote the letter is Qri, the second eldest member in T-ARA.

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The Real Monsters Of Digital Are Back !!!!!!

Few hours after the handwriting apology letter surfaces all online medias, CCM released the photos teaser for T-ARA 7th Mini Album MIRAGE.



It’s might be not the right time for T-ARA to make come back at the moments while the scandals still on fire but loyal fans and Kpop music lovers does believed T-ARA is an example for a very hard working girl group in South Korea.


At 11:30KST, CCM finally released an official teaser for Sexy Love . 10 hours after released, the teaser gained more than 100k views in GomTv and this made T-ARA Sexy Love teaser wins over KARA Pandora MV in GomTV chart.

After 24hrs released, the teaser finally exceed more than 360k views. This leads all T-ARA previous song slayed the GOMTV chart.


Back to the square before the teaser released, most of netizens claimed they will never ever ( I said NEVER EVER) listen to the teaser but soon after clicking the play button on the clip, most of those hyprocites netizens finally said the teaser pretty damn addicted and demands for the full MV to release . ( Seriously, netizens lack of determinations to kill and to push T-ARA down under their insanity and stupidity ).


CCM revealed they will release 4MVs for Sexy Love ( Dance Version ), Sexy Love (Drama MV ), The Making of Sexy Love & Day And Night MV (T-ARA Areum featuring Shannon & GAVY NJ Geonji ). As soon as music videos and a teaser video of T-ara’s “Sexy Love” have received over two million hits in a day since it was released for both GomTv and YouTube channels.

With the released of the MVs, seem T-ARA slayed GOMTV chart with their MVs (Please refer the attachment ) and nine of T-ARA previous songs topping the Top 10 in the charts.

T-ara respons regarding their come back with Sexy Love : “We’ll not think about our popularity of the past but perform on the stage like a new singing group.” “We know that the reason our new music videos have received a lot of hits is because people are curious about us, not because we’re popular. We’ll try as hard as we can.”

Good news for Kpopers and KPOP music lover, CCM launched an official site for Sexy Love but soon the server was crashed due to viewers flocked the homepage.


Not to sound bitchy, I might one of the Kpop lover and Kdrama as well. Since SBS especially Five Fingers production team kicking out Eunjung from the drama with the replacement of Eunjung best friend, actress Jin Se Yeon, seem the rating for the drama getting lower episode by episode after the dismissal of Eunjung. SBS might forgot T-ARA especially Eunjung


Little T-ARA to perform Robot Dance with T-ARA for Sexy Love comeback stage.

T-ara will have their comeback on the 6th at Mnet “M!Countdown” with “Little T-ara”. Little kids wearing the same outfits as T-ara will be present with the T-ara members wearing the same outfits and performing the same robot dance. The Little T-ARA only do robot dance for 35 seconds before T-ARA to perform Sexy Love.

The ideas to put Little T-ARA for Sexy Love received a lot of criticism from netizens and public do to an appropriate dance and outfit for the concept.Again and again, netizens blamed T-ARA for the Little T-ARA. Due to heavy pressures from public, finally CCM decided to cancel the appearance of Little T-ARA for M!Countdown.


T-ARA to make comeback on M!Countdown .

T-ara completed their comeback pre-recording today (6th) for Mnet M!Countdown. The M!Countdown staff revealed T-ARA looks like a rookie group, greeting and bowing everyone included their fans. The recording took two slots (with black and red outfits ).

For the comeback, Queen’s all around the globe showed their fullest supports and loves to T-ARA in ups and downs starting to trend #TiaraComeback and thanks God it’s trending in Malaysia and worldwide.


When it comes to sexy dances, the robot hardly screams sex appeal, but the girls of T-ara managed to oil up the mechanical move with their own element of girly glam on the latest broadcast of Mnet’s M Countdown.

T-ara appeared to be determined to put the last few rocky months behind them, putting on their best smiles to face their fans again with latest single Sexy Love and sticking to what they know works best for them in the bouncy, electronic-infused track.The performance received positives responses from reporters and entertainment insiders.



KBS announced T-ARA will not to promote Sexy Love on Music Bank today because the bullying scandals might effected the national TV station.”We are currently discussing about T-ara’s appearance, but as of right now they won’t be holding a comeback stage on the 7th’s broadcast”.

Meanwhile MBC and SBS confirmed T-ARA to make live performance on Music Core (MuCore) on Sep 8 and Inkigayo on Sep 9.


Writer: @sohotbikini

Editor: @LeslieJoon143



DKpop (Korean Gate Away )

The Prophet Blog


Naver Cafe



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wow, thank you so much for all of information and chronology. i think i've missed a lot of things. thank you because you have explain everything :D i am so happy T-ara was trend worldwide on twitter. i hope the best for T-ara :) btw i admire your memory to remember everything especially the date *O*

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Wow, thank you for creating such a comprehensive chronology of the controversy! This must have taken a lot of time and effort! So much has happened that I forget exactly when it occured. I think I also missed out on some key events. Now that everyone has kinda moved on, I'm trying to piece everything together in my mind. It was too hard to form my own opinion when everyone was jumping down each other's throats. Once again, thank you!

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do you remeber the rumor about hyomin being part of a gang or something? it was before or after the scandal?

News of that surfaced during the scandal.

Regardless of how cray cray K-netizens (and I-netizens too) can be, they seemed to got that Hyomin one with a bit more legitimacy as opposed to merely photos or video footage from variety shows or promotions.

Hyomin's actual name Park Sun Young and her Twitter ID 'b89530' can also be found in that site club where this iljin gang was part of (used to gather other delinquents on either a region-wide or even possibly nation-wide scale for big parties or something along those lines, depending on how nasty this particular gang Hyomin was part of). It's old story by now, considering it was during her middle to high school days...which would be during roughly during 2004-2008.

Whether if she changed 180 degrees or even 90 degrees upon graduation or debut as an idol is anyone's guess.

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I was just happened to read this again. Looking at T-ara now, struggling with bad images,accusations, rumors, hates and all the things with Areum leaving, pool party etc, but they are still there, standing on their own feet, it really takes determination. I really hope their next comeback will be very successful and I will always support them. I also hope that Hwayoung can get her chance to return to entertainment industry. She is a good rapper. And as for KKS, I hope he realised that although he created T-ara and make T-ara famous and success but what he also ruined T-ara.

I will be waiting for T-ara next comeback.

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i hate kks...but i love t-ara...

t-ara keep strong....

just forget the idiot hater................

t-ara rock the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! queen's will always support and love u........

I know everyone blame KKS 4 this, but i cant hate him, cuz he made t-ara fame so far, Dunno maybe it just cuz him t-ara could be like this

Just calm and eat like a panda

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I've already said it on Twitter, but since I'm here again for the fiftieth time...

Much thanks to Milky and Leslie for this chronology, it's been a huge help for my fanfic <3. I need the dates and everything as specifically as possible, so this was awesome. (Also a bit of promotion but hey, if anyone else is here and sees this, I hope you read my fic once it's finished.)

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I've already said it on Twitter, but since I'm here again for the fiftieth time...

Much thanks to Milky and Leslie for this chronology, it's been a huge help for my fanfic <3. I need the dates and everything as specifically as possible, so this was awesome. (Also a bit of promotion but hey, if anyone else is here and sees this, I hope you read my fic once it's finished.)

Using the girls misery for your literary purposes. You fiend!

(I'ma check it out if I get time.)

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very clarifying. i believe that this is one of the saddest stories in kpop. It shows how a community with mob mentality (knetz and western counterparts) can literally tear apart an amazing and promising career. I'm glad that t-ara is alive and kicking, but sad that they've lost their status of top group (if i'm not mistaken), 'cause they deserve to be THE top female group (along with SNSD, let's be fair).

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very clarifying. i believe that this is one of the saddest stories in kpop. It shows how a community with mob mentality (knetz and western counterparts) can literally tear apart an amazing and promising career. I'm glad that t-ara is alive and kicking, but sad that they've lost their status of top group (if i'm not mistaken), 'cause they deserve to be THE top female group (along with SNSD, let's be fair).

To be frank, this kind of scandal was quite inevitable actually. CCM's ridiculously tarded management - especially with grossly overworking the group (even more than SNSD, arguably), as well as the controversial plan of adding 2 unneeded members - was bound to cause some ruckus into the working environment. Result is that Twitter schwack and things got nuked. Ultimately, what gave antis the fuel was CCM's extremely poor handling of the situation, subsequently leading to the group's image being smashed apart.

With an agency like that in the scenario the scandal didn't happen, T-ara achieving the status of 'top tier' among K-pop girl groups would have at best lasted only a short while or simply came up short. CCM was almost too entirely reliant on short-term successes of the group (aka a massive number of promotions), something not even SM did with SNSD, or nowhere near as intensely.

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