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[12.09.14] Why has T-ara's Soyeon not appeared in "Haeundae Lovers" since episode 8?


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I don't think "TheProphetBlog" meant to attack big bang or any other grup . He just make an example of differen t reaction from natizens.

Anyway, we are OT.

You might be right, but his choice of words were offensive and even if it was just an example he shouldn't have mention anyone for that matter.

Anyways this T-ara scandal was a bit to extreme and the amount of hate they are receiving is really wrong. I just hope they can continue to be strong and hopefully we can see them back in dramas and variety shows.

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How ridiculous.

Soyeon's character just disappeared suddenly. I was quite hurt while watching the following episodes one by one and found no Soyeon.

Fortunately, Hyomin is safe with The Thousandth Man's PD. Atleast he isn't a coward.

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