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[12.09.16] Video HD - Sexy Love on Inkigayo


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Yes, another live stage. I think the Inkigayo performance from last week was also live, the fanchant was super loud for that one. This one is almost comparable. Its good to see a complete round of promotions for this weekend (Thursday to Sunday). Hopefully they will do the same next weekend (Maybe they will throw in a Tuesday promo for Show Champion?). I'm hoping for a live interview on one of the shows, but I'm guessing T-ara's PR doesn't want them to be interviewed just yet... .

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Yay to the fan chants and live performance!!!

Another nice performance!

Really, they are getting better and better!

I am so happy that they completed this week's promotions from Thursday to Sunday.

I am also happy that T-ara was trending worldwide!

Don't forget to vote everyday for Sexy Love in Mnet, GomTV as well as Eat Your Kimchi!

T-ara Fighting!!! :)

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