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Portal x Forum Integration: Use your forum account to log in!


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4 months into the launch of Diadem's portal website, we're proud and grateful for it's prosperity and your support. We've now included a feature to make things a bit more convenient for our forum members.

We have now successfully integrated our portal site and the forums. That means you can now log in, comment and post (limited to author/contributors) with your own forum account!

Visit this link to log into the portal*. You can find this same link in the comments section below in any article. Input your forum details and you're in!

Additionally,articles on the portal and forum are now synced, meaning your comments/posts are as well (leave a comment here and see the respective article on the portal!)

If you don't have an account with us, you can still use your SNS (Twitter, Facebook and Blogger) to sign in. But why not make an account? If you register on Diadem, you get access to an array of video downloads (raw and subbed), a huge collection of photos and get to meet a wonderful community of Queen's! So what are you waiting for?

* We will work on adding a more convenient to reach log in link on the front page.

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-- I've been waiting for this for so long! It has been quite a hassle for me tbh, since I had to drop out of the radar for quite some time and when I came back, Diadem has changed dramatically ! Well not really, but still quite a bit out there for me xD

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That is, nice, actually.

Quote test.

EDIT: Quote test... semi success?

*semi flips everything*

one question though, how will posts from ones that are not registered here appear on its thread? as guests?

That... I will need to test.

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