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[10.06.10] 'Death Bell 2' cast supports World Cup players


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The cute and pretty casts of Death Bell 2 just sent a cute support to South Korea's representatives for 2010 South Africa World Cup.

The movie 'Death Bell 2' (Director: Yoo Sundong, Production: Core Contents Media) with their casts Park Jiyeon, Park Eunbin, Yoon SeungAh, Choi AhJin, & Nam Bora, transformed into sweet, fresh, and pretty 'Death Bell-idol'.

Despite their full shooting schedule, each of the actress practiced and show their support for the World Cup.

Especially T-ara's Jiyeon who's the only idol-star in the casts, become a big help for them.

Meanwhile, 'Death Bell 2' is about a murder mystery at a dormitory, when they're having a summer special class. All of them has to pay with blood, it's about a model student Woo Sunggo and the survival at the game.

With massive participation of Kim Suro, Hwang JungEum, Yoon Siyoon, Park Jiyeon, Park Eunbin, and addition of Ji CangWook, Yoon SeungAh, Son Hojoon, Choi AhJin, Nam Bora, Yoo Minju, Kwon Hyunsang, etc. They will release 'Death Bell' at the end of July 2010.


Source: Newsen

Credit: dianapetrina@diadem (Trans) + Kim Hyungwoo@newsen (source)

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i tot qri is in the movie as well? cant wait for this movie =D

She's not one of the main cast members. She has a really small role, probably just has a cameo, same with Boram. It'll probably be like the time Boram had that little role in Soul.

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