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[10.07.07] T-ara's Jiyeon, Revealing 'Death Bell 2' 3D Posters Selca


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T-ara's Jiyeon who's part of 'Death Bell 2nd story: Bloody Camp ('Death Bell 2') revealed some selca image using the movie's poster.

On July 6th, Jiyeon from Core Contents Media who's involved in 'Death Bell 2' movie revealed 3 photos of the poster.


Jiyeon who wanted to put some 3D effect in the poster gave her idea to the publisher.

In the poster, Jiyeon's face and arm parts is being cut. But in the 3D poster that she made, she showed 3 different expressions and put some stickers etc.


Meanwhile, 'Death Bell 2' is about a murder mystery of students that are trapped in a survival game. Scheduled to be release on the 28th.


Source: Star News

Translation: dianapetrina@diadem

T/N: Selca - self camera

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haha, well that totally changed the 'mood' the poster was suppose to give the audience LOL

now i cant felt scared by looking at jiyeon's joke editing hahahaha....

the party hat totally killed it lol..still looking forward to see the movie though but haha

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