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[10.08.30] T-ara's Qri poses with a cute "beast"


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T-ara's Qri recently unveiled pictures of herself with a meerkat.

On the 30th, Qri updated her Cyworld with a picture saying "the beast and me." Fans are often surprised to see pictures/posts from Qri since she doesn't update as often anymore.

The two photos has Qri looking up with a plushie-stuffed meerkat in her arms. She appeared gloomy in one image, and in the other image she showed her radiating smile which is full of cuteness.

Netizens responded with, "I envy that animal," "She's a perfect Goddess," and "So cute."

Meanwhile, T-ara recently had teenager Ryu Hwayoung join T-ara making it seven members. T-ara is expected to return to the music industry in October.


source: http://www.cnews.co.kr/uhtml/read.jsp?idxn...311810092710764

cr: nathaniel @ diadem + cnnews

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