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    First Netizens wants to know what really happen, and then when T-ara decides to talk they show negative comments..Whats wrong with them...
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    Honestly, by the preview I think this will only be a video journal/Behind the Scene of their Int'l fanmeets.. But You know this just reminds me about what Kim C said in a talk show I saw in KBS World this week (Do Dream? forgot the title), anyway they end up talking about celebrities and scandals, I forgot the whole line but the the gist was ~that sometimes its just better to keep silent & ignore the scandals. People will say & think what they want and often giving explanations will only make the scandals bigger. But celebrity scandals do fade away by time. The most important thing its to push through & prove yourself to the public through your actions and work. And I think T-ara has done this.. Even a 'delusional' diehard fan like myself was suprised that T-ara had the guts to have a comeback on September but they did their own thing and just look at the results in the Gaon Chart for September 2012: Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking: Sexy Love is #3 Gaon Chart National Physical Albums Ranking: Mirage is #5 Online Downloads For The Month : Sexy Love #5 Online Chart – Streams : Sexy Love #5 Ok its not perfect, but basically T-ara was the most succesful girl band in September despite the haters and that they were competing with the likes of Psy, FT Island, G-Dragon & TVXQ.. and if we add in the international fan meets, photobook sales, Japan promos? They did much better that most idol groups with or without the shadow of a scandal above their heads. Let the Antis fool themselves in thinking that everyone hates T-ara.. but the fact is obviously some one is still buying T-ara products. (I'm eagerly waiting for my preorder of 'The Best of T-ara Photobook+Album+DVD combo from Yesasia (thanks diadem forum for that link)
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    I'm sorry but why does she think she holds the right to hold it. Fair enough she's supposedly a T-ara member now but she has done NOTHING to benefit the group as of now. She should let her debut do the talking and not freaking selcas.
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    I couldn't agree any more with these three posts. At worst, I think fans should really start worrying about the possibility of T-ara taking AS or AKB-48's path. This is quite distressing really, adding in that they've been promoting far too much this year (possibly even more so than last year or at least in a comparable scale), it's just asking for another round of trips to the hospital. Hell, they may be the most prone of all K-idol groups to hospital visits. Considering the current members are barely holding out with the amount of over-promotions, it makes no sense for someone twice as young as Boram and Qri to hold out any better.
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    Well, that's good for T-ARA but I don't really see the point of them handing the award over to Dani. Sure "encouragement" or whatever, but it isn't like she worked for that award~ I don't know, I guess it just annoys me a little bit. ^^;
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    [12.10.19] Video HD - Fancams of T-ara @ Okinawa K-pop Paradise Sexy Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI8v3HE9duk&feature=plcp[/url] Lovey Dovey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usSkagNLiHo&feature=plcp[/url] Airport http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I96h_tzxUGU&feature=youtu.be *** boojiyoung
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    I'm going into this fully expecting not to get any real details, or even anything close to the truth. I am worried however, that others are going in expecting a full detailed account of the true reasons Hwayoung was removed from the group and will just be further incensed when that doesn't happen. Being a true realist, this seems as if it's a publicity stunt. Now that Korean promotions have ended and they'll be out of the limelight for a little while as they promote over seas, it seems like a pretty convenient time to release a mysterious program that promises to answer questions everyone had pretty much accepted they wouldn't be finding out the answer to. It lights the flames and gets people discussing T-ara for another few weeks. Now with that said I do hope we get some real insight as to what the situation was and is, but I certainly won't let those hopes get too high and I suggest others follow suit.
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    [12.10.19] T-ara's Dani poses with their Gold award for "Jewelry Box" T-ara's Dani, who has yet to debut, posed with a Japan Golden Disk trophy that they received. T-ara received the Gold award after their Japanese debut album "Jewelry Box" sold more than 100,000 copies since being released. Girls' Generation also received the same award at the same time. T-ara's member's received the award and passed it on to the new maknae Dani. It will help give encouragement to Dani to prepare for her debut. Dani said, "Receiving the valuable gift and trophy from my unnies made me glad. I'd like to present a wonderful stage with my T-ara unnies in 2013." T-ara departed for Okinawa on the 18th for a "K-POP Concert" and fashion show and will return through Incheon International Airport on the 21st at 11:20 AM. T-ara will focus on promoting "Sexy Love" in Japan beginning on November 10th until the end of November. T-ara is the first Korean girl group to have their debut Japanese album "Bo Peep Bo Peep" rank #1 on the Oricon Daily and Oricon Weekly charts after being released. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121019n09471 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    Yeah it's more like "lol look at all the accomplishments we did before you joined that are now going to go down the drain"
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    [12.10.19] "T-ara's Confession" members crying.. Will Hwayoung's exit be mentioned? "T-ara's confession?" T-ara will appear on a Mnet cable channel on the 20th to broadcast "T-ara's Confession". The type of situations covered in the program have yet to have been revealed and only trailers have been released. T-ara members were shown in the trailers in the process of their recent Southeast Asian concerts and were shown talking candidly to the cameras. From the footage, Hyomin was seen starting her speech by saying, "To be honest...", and wiping away her tears. Eunjung was shown next saying her inner thoughts, "But I'm learning how to be better in the future." In addition, the members all gathered together at the same spot for the interview where they all were shown crying together. Qri was shown sending out mixed messages with her head bowed and not saying anything. The trailer showed a subtitle that said, "The Girls' Heartfelt Story" will be featured on the broadcast, but what's attracted attention is if T-ara will talk candidly in regards about their former member Hwayoung and her leaving the group. Netizens have commented, "I hope they'll clarify my doubts", "I'd rather they did this properly instead of crying on a broadcast", "I'm curious now", "I don't know what they are trying to accomplish by broadcasting this", "Just stop this", and showed a variety of mainly negative reactions. *** Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20121018n28833 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [EVENT] T-ara @ Meritzfire (10/13)

    [EVENT] T-ara @ Meritzfire (10/2012) For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/gallery/category/4-special-performances/ CREDIT: datanews + Haeldori + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    LOL why give it to Dani,its not like she worked for it...Tbh i get nightmares when i think abt the concepts t-ara would do after she joins...sorry still cant get over the fact that an underage girl will possibly ruin t-ara's future....
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    Kneitizens/haters will always hate, T-ara can never please them in whatever they do *sign*...I am excited to see this program, but also sad to see they all sad and crying like that . Hope for all the best for them. T-ara fighting!!! Don't cry, don't be sad, Queen's all over the world are always there for you girls .
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    [EVENT] T-ara @ Meritzfire (10/2012) For the rest of the images: CREDIT: TreAsuRAble.TW @ Facebook + craZy + tiaradiadem.com
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    [12.10.18] Video HD - T-ARA's Best of Best 2009-2012 (CD + Photobook + Movie edition) Unboxing [/url] *** Source: silvergolf @ YouTube
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    In my opinion. the netizen just don't have anything to do. they just playing drama to make our unnies feel more difficult..
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    Wow I want this! T-ara is so beautiful, especially EUNJUNG!
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    Pathetic netizens! They leave nasty comments yet they watch every show T-ara does and they all purchased Sexy Love in secret.
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    Dani really looks like Krystal mixed with Suzy. Dani fighting!
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    Sigh I dont want another addition in T-ara >.>" . I hope Dani leaves T-ara and joins 5dolls. She fits there better >.>
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    THIS. The possibility of this being a publicity stunt is very likely, if not the actual intent of CCM. If anyone recalls, this is the very agency that seems to think any sort of publicity is good publicity, regardless of whatever consequences lie in wait for T-ara as a result of such. Adding in that it's Mnet that's broadcasting this makes it just as fishy.
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    Considering that KKS's statements contradicted one after the other so many times while keeping the members quiet until it was a tad a bit too late with the damage already being done (not to mention their comeback was rushed and it showed that CCM had absolute disregard for public opinion - which is idiotic because this is how K-culture is - you apologize and keep your head down immediately regardless if you're in the right or wrong, something CCM failed to do), y'all can't expect the netizens to be very forgiving, yet alone the public in general. What I'd be more concerned is that this whole thing is broadcasted by Mnet, in which CCM is part of and no prizes to guessing who's in charge of both. People that are not fans will be highly suspicious about the whole thing being filtered in KKS's favor, considering that K-public attitude towards T-ara as a whole is still not very warm at the moment and it can't be denied that he'll take whatever steps to play that down (something in which CCM is notorious with over the years).
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    PD Lee Tae Hon was interviewed by TVReport, only the bit about Eunjung translated: On actors whom the PD worried about but displayed rapid growth and improvement: Lee Min Jung and T-ara's Eunjung. [parts about Lee Min Jung omitted] Eunjung is very enthusiastic and full of passion and charisma. While shooting for Queen Insoo, everyone also really liked Eunjung. Her acting is also very good and once she learns something, she is able to apply those skills flexibly. Original source: http://news.nate.com...n05538?pcview=1 Translated from Chinese translations again
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