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  1. [12.01.31] T-ara Triple Crown... Will attend volunteer event T-ara won the first place in SBS Inkigayo on 29th January, which completes their Triple Crown. Fans had been wondering whether they will keep their promise or not. T-ara has declared that they will do a volunteer event for people with difficulties if they win in Inkigayo for 3 consecutive weeks. They had promise if they win #1 in any public broadcasting channel, they will ride subway and shows their thankful heart to fans in the station. They keep the promise in only one day after the win. To keep the promise, T-ara with a charity organization will find elderly with difficulties on 1st February and held a volunteer event. The organization that will be holding the volunteer event with T-ara is 'People Living With'. It's an organization that operates free study room and free food for people with difficulties, especially teenagers. T-ara gathered 10 million won to buy rice and instant noodles for the volunteer event. 7 million won was their bonus after they win the Triple Crown, and 3 million won are from the members. T-ara revealed, "The good results came out because everyone has been giving us a lot of love. We will become a more hard-working T-ara in the future." *** Source: Nate Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem
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  2. Woooow, they gave so much already and they didn't even start the event yet! Such kind ladies we have here, true Queens This is one of the many reasons why T-ara rules! (and one of the reasons why i love them dearly~)
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  3. [12.01.30] Hyoyoung tweets about Hwayoung's TV accident, "Don't worry~" After T-ara's Hwayoung recently was exposed on an episode of SBS "Inkigayo", Hwayoung's twin sister Hyoyoung from girl group 5dolls posted supportive words for her over Twitter. On the 30th, Hyoyoung tweeted, "Going to class go go go go!!!" with a picture attached. Hwayoung replied to her twin sister by saying, "Hyoyoung I love you~ Today fighting too!! Later buy hot chocolate for me." Hyoyoung left her warm reply delightfully saying, "Of course~^^ Let's go to have a hot chocolate!!! Quickly come I'll hug you for sure~^^ The tight hug okay?" Just a day after the accidental exposure, Hwayoung remained with a bright attitude for her fans over Twitter with support from her sister. After the issue arose on the 29th, Hyoyoung first tweeted, "Please don't worry," followed by, "Fans, you guys.. Thank you.. For being careful ^^ From tomorrow, try to smile!!" The twins were born in '93 and after Hyoyoung became 2010's Miss Chunhyung, her popularity rose enough for her and her sister to get scouted and debut shortly after. Hyoyoung made her debut with Coed School and Hwayoung debuted 7th member of T-ara shortly after in late 2010. *** Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120130n20877 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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  4. this is why i like them. even though there busy they do these kind of stuff. also they do what they promise to the fans.
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  5. Thumbs up for their kind hearts! It's nice to know they are spreading the love.
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  6. [12.01.31] Video - T-ara Tony Moly CF http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfXCdL4uVac CR: albireorock@yt Hyomin's so pretty!^^
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  8. NOW I get Hwayoung's incident. Hahahaha. omg. it took me a day for it to sink into my brain. :< Anyway, AWWWW. HECKYEAH RYU TWINS. <33 So nice of Hyoyoung. :')
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  9. Yup I Seen the Tweets that Both Sisters tweeted. Aww I was touched by how the ryu sisters care for each other. I Hope Hwayoung is alright and calm down from something that i don't want to say about. The Past is past right diadems? Hwayoung Fighting! T-ara Fighting!
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