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Status Updates posted by tikaluph

  1. can u delete one of your gif at your siggy? our rules just allow 1 gif for every siggy.

  2. puahahah..

    me too. 1 min after i commented at ur page, i logged off to.

    well, yeah. homeworks are suck. me too. busy with hws. i always and always have to see financial statement T^T

  3. ... "i guess"? lol.

    im also good. but plus a bit tired of dozen of homeworks.

  4. you're ON.

    you are caught by me :P

  5. it's ok ^^

    thank you for the cooperation!

  6. Can you delete one of your GIF at your siggy? Our rules just allow one animated picture for every siggy.

  7. aaahh~ those icons?

    thank you~ ^___^

  8. ok. thanks for the cooperation!

  9. It doesn't matter what people say. And it doesn't matter how long it takes. Be true to yourself and follow your heart.

  10. thats why i wrote my stats. it is weird. I app more 50 friend requests, but it just appeared 4 D;

  11. *cough* OUR *cough*

  12. you are very welcome ^^

  13. nopeeeeee~ XD

    anyway, fall is coming soon!

  14. you did spam. mod reported it.

    but cuz ur PM is full, so, I left a verbal warn at your comment box.

  15. Happy Birthday~! ^^

    Wish u all the best. God Bless~! ♥


  17. Please remember to follow the rules and remember not to spam! Spamming could be a double post, a reply less than 10 words long or an off-topic post.

    Emoticons and impressions like ‘Wow’ ‘Yey’ ‘LOL’ ‘WOW’ ‘Hehe’ ‘Haha’ ‘ahhhh’ ‘awwww’ and etc are not considered as a word.

  18. dun think so. that's twit pic, not the official one. even I didnt upload Hyomin's twit pics into album.

  19. About credit.. I know you are mad because that member uses your picture without crediting. Well, credit is always be sensitive issue. But you know, not many people care abt crediting :( Maybe you should PM that member to do credit. For now, I will remove that pic.

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