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  1. When I heard solo activities I thought Jiyeon would pursue acting Even though it's not coming in a drama soon, I'll cheer for her but I'm really looking forward to seeing her in a drama soon. Heol, my feels Lol when they said Jiyeon would have that 'Sunmi' feel, I suddenly had the image of Jiyeon going down on her knees and doing that butt dance also Hyomin, I'm curious to as to what kind of imagae she'll project anyways, all the best to these two girls and the rest of T-ara too also I'd like to see Qri pursue solo activities too, I'm just curious as to which field she'd best specialize in
  2. I like interviews like these where all the members sit down and just have a casual chat yes, now that I've learned about the main point of each member's in their mv, I'll go check it out again, to get that feel again also I hope they will have more chances of promoting their activities in korea I want to watch jinx too heol T.T t-ara unnies fighting!
  3. wow, the concepts sound really nice lol when I heard laboon, I immediately thought of One Piece
  4. waah congratulations to the girls for being able to hold such a sucessful event really happy for them as i had my doubts thank you for proving me wrong
  5. yes finally they're back on variety shows, i hope to see them in more shows slowly and steadily fighting girls!
  6. I don't understand what they are doing. Suddenly shutting down your japanese fanclub and then focusing on chinese activites?!! Since when did they even started thinking about the Chinese market? Oh dear lord!
  7. Boram cut her hair short again, she was starting to look really mature and lady-like with her long hair. Oh well, she looks pretty like this too. Off to check out the teaser images again, kekeke
  8. I wish I could be there, and also that I understood Korean, lol. All the best for T-ara and boy are those fans lucky!!!
  9. Woah, Eunjung wnet blonde! It gives off a very different feel. Jiyeon looks so old skool with that get-up, in a really cute way if you don't get what I mean, awwh can't wait for their MV now. The guy is pretty handsome too...
  10. She looks pretty no matter what, so sad yet beautiful, now I'm really pumped up for Dec 21st! hehe
  11. I'm going to cry, seriously. I was also scared of the fact if T-ara would be able to make it to the top 10 but I'm so glad just knowing they were contenders for the first place. I'm even more happy now they say that it felt like we were back to being rookies and had goosebumps. I'm so proud of you girls. Free hugs?! I WANT ONE!!!!
  12. Oh, I loved Roly Poly the moment I heard it! Hope they'll bring back that retro fever with their comeback again. Fighting girls!
  13. Yes girls, you've suffered a lot. Now I can only pray for success and happiness to come your way. Hope the public warms up to them again and they return back to their former glory.
  14. Hyomin looks so pretty! Love that dress as well. As expected from our fashionista!
  15. Lets all stand up and applause for them! Ah, this really tugs at my heart. I'm so happy and glad for T-ara. Going through everything they went, having endured such hard criticisms everyday and coming out more mature than their past selves, I'm really happy for T-ara. I sincerely wish them all the happiness in the world. I think they deserve it.
  16. ahh this brings back memories, nice to know they are stil friends!
  17. Aww that was so sweet and thoughtful of T-ara. Yokshi, our girls have grown a lot. To be thankful to all those fans, treating them to snacks, no matter how small the gift, it's the thought that counts and for this I'm really proud of my girls. T-ara fighting! QUEEN's fighting!
  18. Aww, thank you Hwang Jungeum unnie! That was so sweet of you. I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes, T-ara has suffered a lot but now I hope they have a very bright future in front of them. Enjoy your upcoming days happily. Fighting to both T-ara and Jungeum unnie for her kind words of support!
  19. Aww, really glad to know this. It's really nice of Eunjung to have thought about us QUEEN's while making this song. Now I'm really excited for it. Go Eunjung, go T-ara!
  20. Congratulations to T-ara. Also I'm really loving the idea of '365 days of style'. I'd like to be able to purchase at least one item from DPG, just glad knowing that T-ara are being appointed as models again. Hope they'll slowly make their way back into the korean markets again.
  21. Woah, this came as quite a big surprise and when I first saw the title, I went 'What the flying fish?' But reading the article, I want to wish all the best for Soyeon and her beau Oh Jonghyuk. Seeing that they kept it a secret for almost 3 years, I have to hand it to them. They must be pretty serious. Oh Jonghyuk-ssi, please take good care of our Soyeon unnie. Hope your love lasts forever and overcomes many more obstacles to come in the future. Soyeon-ah, I'm happy knowing that you're happy. My best wishes for this couple.
  22. I'm ssssooooo hyped up for this. Been looking forward to their comeback since forever. All the best T-ara! Fighting!
  23. Waahh, Hyomin-ah. Hope you mkake a great presence and all the best for the movie screening!
  24. I hope everything works out better. I wish them to do well in their language lessons, cause if their accent sounds thick, the public is gonna laugh at the song. I'm just glad that despite all these controversies t-ara is still standing strong. Love T-ara!
  25. Eunjung has really matured a lot, her answers being proof to this. Also I'm glad the reporter didn't pick at any old wounds in the name of interview Hope they'll continue to show stronger and better performances and gain lots of fans T-ara fighting!
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