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  1. woah I didn't know about it! Going to check out the MV right away. T-ara & Davichi & Skull, fighting!
  2. jiyeon looks ah-mazing here! finally bared off those abs I've been waiting for! p.s. don't take me as a creep. please. TT.TT
  3. waah jiyeon cut her hair short again! you look pretty! muah!
  4. subtle_yuki

    130526 @euna3579

    can someone tell me who the woman beside jiyeon in this pic is?
  5. Ya girl, lets give them some TTL feel, honestly shall wait for your comeback. Doesn't matter how much time it'll take. And when you do, lets hope that you girls raise a storm with it!
  6. Yes she suffering from a mental illness, Did you not know? Its thanks to all those antis cracking down on her. Good job people, you really know how to bring out the worst in people. P.S I hope whoever is reading this has enough sense to notice the sarcasm intended.
  7. Ok after this whirlwind tour, can I first say 'YAY, 6-ara.' /awkward crickets chirping *cough* I mean come on I think this is the only good news I can pick out from this article. Though honestly I feel really bad for T-ara now. I mean with all the addition and subtraction of member changes, in the end they end up with the six original members. On one side I feel really happy cause 6-ara was already doing great(in my opinion) but on the other hand I feel that the netizens are gonna pick up on them again, as 'HAR HAR Why keep on adding so many members if you're gonna kick them all out in the end?' Yep, I can totally see that one coming. However I'm really happy with 6-ara coming back. I just don't know why KKS thought it would be funny to play with them like that? That aside, I'm totally hyped for their comeback now. As with Dani, is it like they're making her be only a member of T-ara N4? I mean like with Henry and Zhoumi of Super Junior-M? Hmm, that does make sense, seeing that she's the only one who understands English. Though I would like to say, KKS must always act before he think. I mean after all this it has to be pretty evident. If he gave it deep thought he could have always made good use of 6-ara, made a sub-unit with only Dani, allowed Ahreum a solo career and asked what she wanted to do before pushing her in T-ara. Also I don't understand how THE SEEYA's Yeonkyung can be allowed to perform as a part of 5DOLLS and still go back to performing in her own group? KKS you're seriously screwed up in so many more ways than one. Messed up CEO of the Year : Kim Kwang Soo
  8. Wait what? Ok you know what, CCM is always like this. At first Hwayoung and now Ahreum. At first I didn't approve of Hwayoung and wished they'd go back to 6-ara, finally I like her and them KKS thinks kicking her out from the group is the best decision and then he announces further plans of adding 2 new members whom I already hate because for Christ's sake how many member changes is he gonna make till he's satisfied? Slowly I learn of Ahreum capabilities and her vocal talents and I'm thinking ok, maybe she's not that bad but nooo KKS isn't satisfied with that, he has to throw her out of the group again. Ok, not exactly throw out since she's pursuing a solo career now. My main point is why go through so many member changes when in the end, you end up coming back to the original casts? Seriously KKS needs to start from the basics if he wants to know how to handle his company properly. Still I'll respect Ahreum decisions and can only hope that netizens don't start another round of ill-fit speculations. Ahreum, all the best for your future and fighting!
  9. I was a bit apprehensive about them debuting in the American market cause let's face it, they have a long way to work on their English skills But now that I've read that they're going to sing their parts in Korean and the american artists in English, it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. But really 5 versions feel a bit over the top... Neways all the best no matter what. T-ara n4 fighting!
  10. Lol at Eunjung's last comment to their home page getting hacked. That's the spirit Eunjunggie Despite not wanting them to collaborate in the first place, now that the dices have been rolled, lets just see what happens Really keen and looking forward to their future All the best T-ara! N4 fighintg!
  11. subtle_yuki

    130514 3

    Sorry for a moment I thought he was. Thanks for correcting my mistake ^^
  12. Wow, realy looking to forward to it. I just hope their CEO put more effort into thinking a name for their sub-unit. But oh what the hell? I'm happy enough already as it is for they get their time to shine too!
  13. subtle_yuki

    130514 3

    Isn't that Snoop Dog? Woww!! T-ara daebak!
  14. Yesshhh! So happy, our girls getting love calls from everyone. I hope they make a really good choice, that will help them brighten their future and regain their spot back as the national girlgroup. Really looking forward to this. And I seriously hope their ass of a CEO doesn't screw this one up.
  15. Mmmm, as far as I'm concerned, this could really help T-ara get more attention on an international level but with their language limitations, I don't think it'll go pretty well. Anyone still remember SNSD's The Boys? I was comitting a suicide watching the eng version. I seriously hope T-ara doesn't go like that. I'd say this is a pretty smart move on CCM's part for their PR ratings. But I'm definitely hoiping a good collaboration would be in store for them between other more successful artists [i'm hoping against hope for CB to be the last option]. Despite all this, "All the best T-ara N4, I hope you kill it!"
  16. Waaah, she looks so beautiful. Is she referring to their sub-unit gorup for Japan? That plaid bow looks even more cuter on her. Almost gives her a high school concept.
  17. It's alright girls. I'm just happy you're clarifying all those rumours. Slowly yet steadily, you'll be back on your way to the top before you know it. I'll believe in this! And you girls!
  18. I'm just glad they're letting the public know that Hwayoung's leave was as shocking for them as was it for the public and their fans. This topic was bound to come. I'm just glad that they're letting us know that the road for them was just as hard. K-netizens are still going to bash cause seriously they just like jumping to conclusions. Haters are gonna hate, that's how they enjoy their life. But I hope with all my heart that this lets everyone with their eyes on them know that it was just as painful for them as for their fans, them even more.
  19. Yeah, I'm also actually a bit worried about that. No matter how good and catchy his songs may be, this is just another more reason for haters and netizens to bash at. I am weathering a storm of emotions at the moment, right now. At one point I'm happy, while at the other point I'm worried too. When I first saw the headlines I was like 'Woah!' but then my mind clicked and I was like "Oh no no no no no!!!' On one part, I'm seriously happy that T-ara's getting attention by western artists. If a famous name decides to collaborate with them or take them under their wing, it could really help them gain more attention and love by more people. But then it just HAD to be Chris Brown. Granted the guy makes really good songs but we know his image. He hit a woman and even admitted to it. Even if he decides to repent and turn over a new leaf, people are still going to be skeptical of him. They won't forget what he did and no matter what good headlines he creates they'll always remember what he did. T-ara just made their debut as a sub-unit and I'm really glad that they're getting such attention but WHY him? I don't believe in the bullying rumour. That's bullcrap and I'm not saying this because I wear pink-tinted shades where T-ara are pure pretty angels and can't hurt a fly. I've seen their videos and I see no ill intention whatsoever. What happens behind closed doors, we'll never know? But what I do know is that basing one's assumptions on baseless facts and a simple tweet where they talk about something that's just relevant to one's determintaion has no link with bullying and ostracizing! I'm happy for them. I'm glad that're trying to move on. But with Chris Brown of all people? I know what the k-netizens are gonna say? They're only just looking for more ways to bash on them and this is just be the icing on top for them. KKK was a dumbass and still is one. The only thing he did great was create T-ara [with poor managements every now and then] but this is seriously taking it to the top. I'm crying here! Is the prospect of T-ara getting an overseas debut so bright that he's blinded by the shining light and not even bothering to check up on Brown's life? I can't even ... P.S What I'm really curious about is, how does Dani know Chris Brown? I read on allkpop that she knew him since her elementary school days. The only way I think one can establish a connection with a famous celebrity at a young age is A) She knew him before he was a celebrity. She's got really rich parents.
  20. aigoo they all look so cute posing like that aww i love eunjung's camera and jiyeon looks so pretty in that santa girl costume woah ahreum can do the splits too I see and lol hyomin in the 2nd pic is sitting like a boss love you all
  21. Woiw they all look so pretty. Love their Bunny Style ^^
  22. m wondering how jiyeon managed to survive dancing wearing those high heels??!!!
  23. i actually read on few websites that she'll be playing the role of lian(in some it was written rian) a member of the girlgroup Hush who aspires to attend cannes one day despite the lack of her acting skills. and i think if one if to be a member of girl group, fat chances that she'll be like iu is nil...
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