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    cris reacted to BeautifulRobot in [12.10.17] TV Appearence - T-ara's Confession   
    i know they will get bashed for this though. gonna get in my t-ara defense mode to fight off the antis.
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    cris reacted in [12.09.27] T-ara's Ham Eunjung suing SBS "Five Fingers" producers for 140 million won   
    You go girl!
    After the way that she was treated by FF, they deserve to be sued by her. I hope she wins!
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    cris reacted to Dognybba in [12.09.26] After Hong Kong showcase, T-ara's Malaysian showcase sells out at record speed   
    And in the future, brazilian fans!!
    someday... someday..
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    cris got a reaction from jknlet in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    WOW .. your post is so creative .. )
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    cris reacted to love_t-ara in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    Love HONG KONG , Love HKQueens,
    don't give chance into antis,
    Lucky they have parties there, pls give good care of T-ara, cheer them UP!
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    cris got a reaction from Parismoon in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    WOW .. HK fans, daebak !! .. their love for T-ara is more than a VVIP treatment .. love them .. )
    Best wishes for T-ara's showcase in HK !!! .. )
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    cris reacted to meenool in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    that's our T-ara, humble as always
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    cris reacted to HJ011298 in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    Nice..! Nice..! Nice..! T-ara's finally climbing up the ladder again. Continue to press on unnis! We'll always be here to support you..!T-ara Forever..!!!! HWAITING..!!!!
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    cris reacted to marianpx1 in [12.09.16] T-ara offered to receive best top star treatment in Hong Kong, "Politely declined"   
    How sad, as always allkpop change the thing for your benefit and as always the netizens criticizing and insulting, is very painful to see those comments!!!
    Allkpop Article:
    According to Core Contents Media, the girls’ Hong Kong promoters had offered to drive each of the girls in separate Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, and Ferrari limousines per member. Despite the offer, the members rejected them, explaining, “We’re really grateful that they’re giving us such great treatment, but we would rather move on a bus with our staff.”
    Real Article:
    Hong Kong concert officials said T-ara will receive the best VVIP service while there, including using one member per car, which would be Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royces and Ferraris. T-ara's agency said on behalf of T-ara, "We really appreciate receiving the best treatment, but we persist going with the staff via buses instead of luxury cars."
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    cris reacted to Ehlana in [12.09.13] Audio - Teaser Day by Day Japanese ver.   

    Cr : EMIMusicJapan @ Youtube

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    cris reacted to chloeownsyou in [12.09.13] Video HD - Sexy Love on M!Countdown   
    CR: Mnet
    Another prerecorded performance. It's a pity they didn't manage to clinch No.1. But I believe they will achieve that soon! (:
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    cris reacted to jiyeunjung in [12.09.09] Videos HD - T-ara "Sexy Love In Tokyo" MV   
    Lol adorable lovely mv and fun
    Haha at the Soyeon Qri "Titanic" part
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    cris reacted to joyce_20176 in [12.09.10] T-ara to reveal "SEXY LOVE in TOKYO" music video today   
    WOW KKS is on a roll here lol, releasing MV after MV...Haters gonna hate, what are you gonna do haters?
    can't wait for the MV today!!! Sexy Love fighting!!!
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    cris reacted to T-arafan1230 in [12.09.10] T-ara to reveal "SEXY LOVE in TOKYO" music video today   
    omg i can't wait *___* i loved their lovey dovey in TOKYO version
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    cris reacted to s-park in [12.09.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Inkigayo   
    [12.09.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Inkigayo


    cr : Nhokshockqn2@yt

    omg i love the fanchants!! >140 kqueens' were there to support our queens today!
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    cris reacted to hyominheart in [12.09.09] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback @ Inkigayo   
    Found on lovet-ara tumblr
    At today’s Inkigayo PreRecording, a lady Queen’s shouted “Jiyeon is mine!” and Eunjung answered “No, Jiyeon is mine!” and then Hyomin said “I raised jiyeon up!”

    cr: @shawnkang731204 on twitter
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    cris reacted to eeekhang in [12.09.09] Quick News - M Countdown Online Poll   
    Went on to do my daily voting for T-ara and am so happy to see them as #1! Sharing the good news with all Queens! Yeah!
    Credit: MNet Onliine
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    cris reacted to hyominheart in [GIFS] T-ara Sexy Love @ MBC Music Core (08/09)   
    Sexy Eyes Sexy Nose Sexy Mouth

    Don’t you know?

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    cris reacted to RyanC in [12.09.06] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback on M! Countdown   
    Junggie's high note!!! !!! I'm happy to see them fine on the stage and the fan chant is like they used to be!
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    cris got a reaction from Martinha in [12.09.06] T-ara completes M!Countdown comeback recording, "Because of controversy, opening stage was cut"   
    tss .. i was anticipating the kids .. they must have practiced so hard for this ..
    anyway, i wish goodluck for this comeback .. i'll definitely watch and cheer for it ..
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    cris reacted to keyy in [12.09.05] T-ara to release fourth version of "SEXY LOVE" music video today   
    wow..there is so many MV at this come back..it's like say "eat this haters" hahahahahah
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    cris reacted to peggy in [12.09.04] T-ara to perform at comeback stages and release a music video with "Little T-ara"   
    i think the kids will only join them at the robot part??
    i dont think ccm really that dumb to make kids perform that sexy moves -.- but who knows..
    anyway i hope people will love T-ara again,im so worried for their comeback stage actually>< but still i hope the best for T-ara
    good luck girls
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    cris reacted to philTARAfan in [12.09.03] T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" website crashes after 30,000 simultaneous connections   
    well T-ARA just defined what 'COMEBACK' really mean...
    I know they can make it to the top!!!
    T-Ara FIGHTING!!!
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    cris reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.09.03] T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" website crashes after 30,000 simultaneous connections   
    AMEN to that.I thought after the eye-flashing scenes in I Go Crazy Because of You,they would stop doing it but boy,I was wrong.I too,couldn't finished watching the video without having a headache.The flashes made me dizzy and the scene changed abruptly.
    Although Sexy Love dance version's scenes change every 2 seconds,at least there is no annoying flashes that will disturb us from continuing watching the video.Yup,like you,I've been repeating the dance version more than 4 times,LOL.And the drama version?Hands down.No need to say anything anymore.3 of them are actresses and 2 of them are actresses since they were little and there's no surprise that the drama turns out to be mega awesome.The storyline is pretty good although the "Dani-ah" repetition is a bit cheesy.
    No lies.This controversy definitely has helped T-ara to be a more well-known girl group of South Korea although one cannot argue it has tarnished the girls' good image greatly.I bet there are some antis/haters out there who used to hate T-ara might have fall in love with them after listening to the song.No kidding,it happens to me too but the singers are not them,LOL.I have a feeling this song will be a hit song just like their Bo Peep Bo Peep,Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey as judging from the history,T-ara will always do awesomely well in charts with catchy songs and no doubt Sexy Love is their next hit song.Day By Day did relatively well considering that they were against hot competitors plus the whole controversy that blew up in the middle of the promotions and they had to stop it immediately.
    I'm glad that our girls come back strong as ever.We,QUEEN'S we always support T-ara and hope both the song and them do well
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    cris reacted to nathaniel in [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd   
    [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd

    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be released at midnight on September 3rd.
    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be the sequel to "DAY BY DAY" and 15-minutes long and will also include a robot-dance version and a BTS music video making part. The drama music video for the ballad "Day and Night" will also be released at the same time.
    The ballad "Day and Night" features Gavy NJ member Geonji as well as the famous 4-octave singer from Star King from British named Shannon and T-ara member Areum. The song is a sad ballad with a stunning rap part.
    "SEXY LOVE" is fourth in the series which was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and written by Choi Kyujung. "Day and Night" was the joint-work of composer Cho Youngsoo and the lyricist Ahn Youngmin.
    T-ara will showcase a robot dance on stage alongside their electronic synth-pop "SEXY LOVE" and will continue showcasing an exotic charm they began with "DAY BY DAY".
    T-ara's four different versions (T/N: drama in two parts 'Sexy Love' and 'Day and Night', dance version of 'Sexy Love' and BTS version I think) of the music video will be released on the 3rd at midnight (September 2nd 11:59 PM).
    Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120902n05121
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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