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[11.10.10] T-ara's Hyomin, "My first time for an innocent concept"


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[11.10.10] T-ara's Hyomin, "My first time for an innocent concept"


Hyomin from girl group T-ara transformed into an Innocent Autumn Goddess.

Hyomin showed her charming and girly look for the latest edition of Star Style Magazine 'High Cut'.

A deep gazes, and less make-up instead of her usual smokey eye-look. She showed an innocence side of her, that is hard to see in her usual days.

Hyomin said, "This is my first time taking on such a clean concept after my debut. This is a radical photoshoot."

The photographer for this shoot evaluated, "Her innocent and lovely image was transferred straight to the camera. That kind of image was always hidden behind her thick eyeliner. The photoshoot brought a new atmosphere."

The full photoshoot of T-ara's Hyomin could be seen in 62nd edition of 'High Cut'.



Source: Nate

Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem

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