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[11.12.23] T-ara "Lovey-Dovey" movie premiere delay..."Sorry" [Updated]

The Real CZ

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whats wrong with you guys..don't be mad..its not like they will never release lovey dovey!!huhu..be patient..if you are truly love with t-ara, you will understand it..the fact that 'we were in love' doing well is already a great gift for us..seriously, i'm really thankful for this song..they gets all-kill..why would they 'kill' themselves..just wait a little bit..i don't know why but somehow i feel relieve that t-ara can get rest a bit (i guess)..they just have done a concert at japan..next week make a performance in davichi's concert..non-stop working will kill them..t-ara is a person, not robot..of course i'm disappointed with this news but i don't get mad..i really thankful towards t-ara for giving us a good mv, song n performance..have you guys ever see any group make 5 mv for 1 song??i will support t-ara no matter what happen..lol..i just madly in love with t-ara..t-ara hwaiting..stay strong n healthy together..:):D:P:lol::P:o<3

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TARA I understand Its better to be delayed.

TARA needs to rest! I rather have them promoting Lovey Dovey healthy!

2012 is a good year too to promote....ENTIRE year for the song to become daebak!

Look @ G.NA's "Black and White" huge SUCCESS! WHY?

Promoted it in January, first month of a new year.

So T-ARA FIGHTING!!!! The Year of The BLack Dragon will surely kick off to a great start with T-ARA and LOVEY DOVEY~!

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[11.12.23] T-ara 'Lovey Dovey' Movie Premiere Delay..."Sorry" [updated]


Girl group T-ara delayed the music video to their follow up song Lovey Dovey that was originally planned to be released on the 24th to January 2nd.

T-ara's agency Core Contents Media expressed that they were sorry by stating "We apologize and we'll bow our heads due to the music video being delayed" on the 24th.

The Lovey Dovey music video will be released January 2nd at 3pm. The agency said "We'll release it on January 2nd without any problems" and "Once again, we're sorry."

The Lovey Dovey music video, where the process of filming and editing took over a month, is a 22 minute drama that shoes the ties between the actors Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook and the T-ara members Jiyeon, Qri, Hyomin and Eunjung.

The agency said "With the end of the year award ceremonies and Cry Cry promotions, along with the duet We Were In Love with Davichi which came about due to the fans' support, it's regrettable that Lovey Dovey, which was strenuously prepared, got buried underneath those, but we made the tough decision to delay it" and requested "Please anticipate our music video that we worked hard on to make respectable."


Source: Naver

Credit: Naver + MyDaily + The Real CZ (trans) + Diadem

tara hwaiting

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