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[12.01.25] T-ara's Eunjung, "The year of Black Dragon will show T-ara's power"


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[12.01.23] T-ara's Eunjung, "The year of Black Dragon will show T-ara's power"

The beginning of 2012 was bright. T-ara's Eunjung who was born on 1988, entered 2012 with a more special feelings because this is her year. We get to know her resolution for this year.

Eunjung showed an active self on 2011 as a singer and actress. She started 2012 with a great feeling from dragon's aura. She threw away all regrets in 2011, and shared her expectation, excitement, and aspiration for 2012.

"I started 2011 with the drama 'Dream High', and also starred in my first movie. And I also received good feedback as T-ara. We had our Japan debut, and I also starred in the drama 'Queen Insoo'. I surely had a busy year more than the others."


KBS 2 'Dream High' is a drama with Eunjung, Miss A's Suzy, 2PM's Taecyeon, etc in it. Eunjung expressed the villain character nicely, and impressed the viewers.

She is also currently appearing in MBC variety show 'We Got Married' as a virtual married couple with Actor Lee Jangwoo. She showed another side of her charm. Thanks to it, she received the Newcomer Award (Show Variety) in 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards.

"I spent the year so busily, but it's also a year that made me felt the value of our members."

Eunjung had some solo activities, and also activities with T-ara. But she didn't forget to thank the members.

"I felt sorry a lot to our members, thanks to my solo activities. But we always support each others' to strengthen our relationship. So it was also a year that made me felt many sisterly love. As much as our solo activities are, we try to understand each other. As I saw them growing and developing, it makes me expect even more from them."

She looks back, "So many things happen, and it was a busy 2011." and gave a score for last year, "It's 78 out of 100."


2012 is coming, and this year will be more special for her. Black Dragon's Year is her year, because she was born in 88. Her expectation and excitement are big.

"Dragon is a imaginary animal that doesn't exist in real life. I want to spend a great year, just like how dragon has a deep meaning. I want to show the power of T-ara to the public, along with our members. I also want to fix all my regrets from last year, and show a more improved appearance."

Eunjung also shared her dream as a youth in her early 20s, not as T-ara member or an actress. "I personally want to go to Europe for a backpack trip. I also want to go to a family trip. (laugh)"

And last, Eunjung spoke up her message of hope to the others who was also born in the Dragon Year.

"To all lively 88 born, please spend this Black Dragon Year with full energy and positive thoughts. It's an age that shows our official start as a social freshman, 25 years old. I hope everyone will be successful."

We can feel her sincerity, expecation, and excitement for 2012 through her powerful voice. Her activeness in many aspects and her variety of charms are the reason of all interest in her.

Source: Nate

Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem

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This is a beatiful interview.

But just as the Year of the Dragon begins, Eunjung's gotten herself into another injury. I really feel bad for her. I can imagine the pain. I hope she takes things easy and gets that 6-week rest for recovery. I'd rather see T-ara members performing without her knowing she's spending her days resting and waiting for her injury to heal.

I want a healthy Eunjung this Year of the Dragon...a healthy T-ara as well.

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eunjung :wub: :wub:

i hope this year will become a good year for your life and your career as and idol and actress :)

i can't wait for your next drama and T-ara's new song in the future :D

but the most important thing is you need to take care of yourself more :(

your new injury makes me worry so much :( :(

i will looking forward for all your breakthrough in this dragon year

Gong Xi Fa Cai Eunjung :lol: (i don't know what should I call this in the Korean language :P)

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Hopefully, the power of the Dragon can help her heal injuries without further complications. Poor girl, started off this new year on the wrong foot, both figuratively and literally. She is a fighter alright, proven it many times that she can bounce back.

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