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#HappyBDayDiadem: Diadem's 5th Anniversary


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We made it, guys! Happy fifth birthday to us!

This is such an insane milestone post to be writing right now. I've been sitting here for about an hour now trying to figure out how to write this post; I can't believe that Diadem has been up and running for five years already! It certainly doesn't feel like it's been that long!

I was just 15 years old when I started working on bringing Diadem to life. I had no expectations that Diadem would become the site and community that it is today. I just wanted to create a place that fans could go to to learn about T-ara and hang out. At five years, it feels crazy that we're still going strong and we continue to improve and become a fansite that keeps working harder to support and love T-ara.

I was just talking to Meg (qridoesntcare) about having to write this post out and she said, “Wow, five years, Elly; that's pretty impressive," and thinking about it based on time, I can agree that it is pretty impressive. Bragging aside, not a lot of sites do well and get to the five year mark, but we did. I can't say that running and keeping Diadem up for this long has been an easy feat. It wasn't always smooth-sailing. There have been many times that I've thought about giving it all up because of all the challenges. I opened Diadem in 2009 while being so young with no skills in anything, no money, and with no one to help me with the tasks involved in running a site. And looking back, I can really say that Diadem's changed so much and come so far.


Diadem's first milestone: Boram's thank you autograph from 2010 Birthday Project

Now, I look at all our accomplishments and I think to myself, “Wow." Mainly because we have achieved so much and have celebrated so many milestones over the years -- some of them, I didn't even dream of attaining as the mere 15-year-old that created Diadem. At the same time, despite all of the shortcomings we've had as a community, despite the things that I've lacked as a leader, we, as Diadem and QUEEN's, were able to stay strong until this day.

Five years is a really long time. I don't believe that any amount of words can truly express how grateful I am to our hardworking staff members and members for all the love and support through the years. If it weren't for your participation in Diadem and your encouraging attitude towards everything we do, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this post for our fifth year together. I'm naturally not great at expressing my thoughts and emotions in any form, but everyone here has been so great and I hope that we can continue this journey for longer. I know that I can look forward to bigger and greater achievements with Diadem and that we can continue to be a site that does everything for the love of T-ara.

On that note, I'd like to let the members of Diadem know that: as always, the staff members of Diadem will always work harder to meet your expectations and work with you hand-in-hand in reaching out to T-ara and their members.

– Elly


Here are some messages that a few of our Staff Members have for Diadem regarding our 5th Birthday!

Oops, I saved writing my message until last minute.. so it'll be a kind of messy message.. but I am so happy that today is our five year milestone.

I am so proud of Diadem and the members and staff who have made this website possible since the beginning! There are so, so many people who have dedicated so much time to this website and for T-ara. Every thing that Diadem has become is because of the support received from QUEEN'S and people who have volunteered their time and effort.

I have had so many fun memories being part of Diadem's history for the past (almost five) years. I am member 200 or something and when I joined, that was all I was (a member!). I didn't know anyone here and like Elly, I became part of Diadem when I was at a young age. I was only 13!! Back then, we were still called Diadem5, not TiaraDiadem. Despite that, this site has been such a big part of my life and brings me and so much others a lot of happiness and things that we look forward to every day. I always have fun here.

I love being part of such a fun community and fandom and I love Diadem. I love providing information to QUEEN'S and sharing a common interest with so many other people (the interest being loving T-ara). Although I've never seen T-ara live and I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity, I feel content knowing that I have made so many friends because of T-ara. I'm looking forward to the future for Diadem because I know we have a lot in store for QUEEN'S.


- Nathaniel, Administator

One thing I feel proud of about Diadem is how we're a community that was there for T-ara even before they debuted. As if standing ready to support them all the way. Though I wasn't here since the beginning, I'm overjoyed and grateful I was able to become a part of the family.

I'm forever thankful for all the memories and wonderful moments I've experienced with our members, my friends from all over the world. We've been through so much on our journey, sticking together and with T-ara through thick and in. I now we will all continue forward, becoming better and stronger.

Thank you to Elly for bringing us all together. Thank you to Nate for putting us forward as the leading English news source for T-ara. Thank you to every single hard working staff member for all the effort they put into making Diadem what it is. I am forever eternally appreciative of our staff.

Last not but certainly not least, thank you to the dearest members of our community, without your consistent support for us, we truly wouldn't have made it thus far.

Happy Birthday Diadem.

- craZy, Administrator

Cheers to the 5 great years and counting!

To be constantly updated with news, improvement and outlook for the forum, makes me proud to be a member and a staff here. I joined the forum in early 2011 but started to get active only in mid of 2011. I thought of only getting to know T-ara a little more. Just a little. But because of the forum's activities and members, T-ara has become a part of my life. I'm not sure if I know every detail about the girls, but I have most definitely amplified my understanding and love for them. Of course, they keep growing.

Heaps of discussions can be seen and participated. From the silly and cute things T-ara does to some of the most intense topics, haha! Also through these discussions, getting to know the members and staffs have been both fun and interesting. Different sides and feelings of being a Queen's. I get to look at and understand things in various ways.

Overall, I'm glad to be a member and staff here. A joyous and sometimes, a roller coaster ride. However, a wonderful experience. Thank you, Diadem!

Happy 5th Anniversary!

– amandametal, Global Moderator


Being a Diadem member and subsequently a Diadem staff member has been one of the best experiences I've ever had as a T-ara fan. Diadem has basically become an addiction to me. A place where I catch up with T-ara's news and a place where I get to know people from all walks of life with different opinions and personalities. I remember those days when the forum was down for layout changes, I was practically refreshing the webpage everyday hoping that Diadem will finish its upgrades. So I would like to thank everyone here for making Diadem such a great place to stay and I hope that Diadem will continue to be the best channel for Queen's to come together and support T-ara. Please forgive me for slacking as a staff. I will work harder in future. Please look forward it.

– maknae23, Moderator

I am very proud to be parts of this forum and seeing Diadem grow from day to day.
Thanks to Diadem for giving us the latest updates on our girls and also thank you to everyone for the continuous support.

I love you,Diadem.
Happy 5th Anniversary^^

– chriZty, Moderator

Aw, heck it! Can't hold my feels anymore. Sorry, but I'll take back that 6th may promise. embarrassed1-onion-head-emoticon.gif?129

Diadem, oh Diadem...well frankly I don't know much since I've only been here for six months (seems rather uncanny that I was able to join the staff in such short time is it? lol). But I do know this...Diadem is DA BOMB. Seriously, you guys are de best! I can't say how much I love you guys! Really, who wants a free hug? lmao.

Ok, back to business. Hmmmm, I'm pretty new here but it certainly didn't take long until I get used to it. Not sure why, but I just thought it's because this forum feels homey right off the bat. Needless to say, I love T-ara. I friggin love them and stans each of its member since the very first day I heard of them (2013. lol) So yeah, first logical thing to do was to google which community to join, and Diadem came on top, so here I am!

Half a year, and I had so many memories here. Even when T-ara is no more, I think I will always remember my time here (Ok, someone stops me before I'm getting way too sappy). Hmmm, can't think of anything else. Just keep doing what you guys do. We might not be the biggest (and I don't give a bullcrap, pardon the language), or whatever, but I'm sure as hell I'm not the only one who thought of this place as home. We fought for our home, right? So here's to T-ara, to my fellow staff, and to all the members who kept this forum a lively place. I love you guys! There I say it, now cheers! :lol:

Happy 5th Anniversary my lovely Diadem! <3<3<3


– heraldc, Moderator

Happy 5TH anniversary Diadem!!

Yeah, already five years and i only saw two of them. In these years diadem grow a lot, and it's members are also closer now.

It was a great time, supporting T-ara, providing news and making new friends. Let's keep working hard!

– Robbe_881, Moderator

Dang, 5 years huh? I only joined back in December '12, and then shortly after became Staff.

And believe me 5 years is definitely a HUGE milestone, I'd definitely say 1, 5, 7 are good milestones for any particular group/community. Speaking from experience myself as my own fansubbing group only just celebrated our 7th Anniversary in April. Although that's all it is, just a fansubbing group, not so much a community for that fandom. Unlike Diadem where it's a home to fellow Queen's to discuss their love for T-ara. This is definitely quite the accomplishment.

I may not be that active via the forums, but I'm still grateful, despite joining the fandom late, that I was given the opportunity to not only help out in the subbing department, but aslo to have made some connections with the staff to participate in some events as well. Won't go into details about those and leave those stories for later purposes if given the opportunity (Member Spotlight / etc.).

So 5 years, and here's to many more to come in the future! I'll do my best to not only provide subtitles when available but to also contribute where I am needed/able to contribute. Not only that, but also to possible hopes of future developements towards CCM/T-ara in getting more recognition, possible fanmeets and dare I say it!? Possibly more visits from not just N4, but T-ara to the states?! Eh eh? It's always a possibility.

Going to wish Diadem a happy 5th birthday/anniversary and shall continue to cherish it as it's definitely provided me with opportunities I'd never get if not for it. As well as introducing me to some spectacular people (You know who you are, if I've met you in person, you're one of them!).

– SacredCultivator, Subber

Happy fifth anniversary to Diadem!

I'm just a normal member and a subber but joining the diadem family is the best! Knowing T-ara even more, get to know more Queen's and even making some awesome friends! Besides being a source for updates about T-ara, it also became a place for people to hang around haha :D i have only been here for like...13 months i think? its really great being here, people here are warm and stuffs lel. I RUFF YOU DIADEM! <3

– Jap_Zc, Subber

When I’ve discovered T-ara about two years ago, I was searching for a fansite which could provide actual information on T-ara activities and eventually I’ve found Diadem. It was exactly what I was looking for. Translated T-ara news, T-ara schedule, photos from various events, performances, and even T-ara videos subbed by Diadem very own subbing team. But what I liked the most about Diadem and what makes it so special is the dedication of the people who are working to support T-ara. Many birthday and support projects for T-ara as well as charity projects on behalf of T-ara were successfully implemented with the help of the people of the Community.

Thanks to all the staff members for your hard work and to the people who helped Diadem throughout all these years.

Diadem support for T-ara is invaluable. I’m proud to be a part of the Community.

Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem!

– Cheetah, Subber

5 years already huh? I’ve only been around for probably a year or two. T-ara was the first group who introduced me to kpop, and was the main reason why I discovered Diadem and the awesome people in it and behind it. I met friends and a whole bunch of other dorks and crazy weirdoes who shares the same love for the girls with me. And I owe that to Diadem. Cheers to Diadem for gathering us Queen’s altogether! To the staff, kudos for an awesome job with all the projects, translations and everything else that runs in this site. Let’s go 5 years and onwards guys!

Happy 5th Anniversary!

– Aly, Writer

5 years, man, that's a huge accomplishment!! :D
I'm really thankful to Diadem. If wasn't for it -searching, collecting, uploading photos- I probably wouldn't be here today, I wouldn't be so into T-ara, k-pop and photos as I 'm now. You guys got me addicted to this group of girls, and I blame you all for it! I wouldn't also have met many interesting people, even when I'm not that active/talkative here on the forums I lurk a lot though!! All of you guys are amazing, really! :) :)
Although I'm not a member from the very beginning, I joined on Sep. of 2012 and became part of the staff on the beginning of 2013, I'm very proud Diadem has reached this far, and, I'm certain, will go way further!!!
Happy 5th Anniversary!!
– Dognybba, Gallery Uploader
I've only been here for a year.

So, Diadem is already 5 years old huh. I joined Diadem in mid 2013, but I was a fan in 2011. How did I become a fan? Well, I watched Bo Peep Bo Peep MV at the age of 9. YES. Sexy version. Deal with it. 9 year olds can enjoy sexiness too.

I became an Uploader in February 2014, and I'm still a newb. Diadem has got me many friends, and they are really nice too, except for a few who... Yeah, we bully each other. I have a few people here who I look up to. Their names shall be a secret.

People in school think that I'm weird for loving Kpop, especially loving T-ara, who they call "the nobodies". So Diadem is basically a place for me to share my thoughts, especially at the Shoutbox.

Diadem always provides the latest updates (and gossips).

And now, Diadem is already 5. Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem!

I love you Diadem!

I will work a lot harder next time, less slacking, promise.
– Zelo, Uploader
I feel so proud to be a member of this incredible community.
A lot of groups never get to see five years, and even more groups aren't lucky enough to have such devoted fans for five years either. Through good times, and bad, Diadem hasn't faltered. Knowing directly how much effort is being put into each and every project, post, stream, translation, FREAKING VIDEO GAME is mind blowing. I'm so impressed. I've been impressed since day 1 and every day it keeps getting better.
Have a glorious anniversary Diadem, you've earned it.
– qridoesntcare, Global Moderator

Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem!

Its been a long journey that's had its share of happy and sad moments. I'm proud how far we've come and how as a community, we've weathered everything that's come at us up until now. I've met so many great people since I became part of the Diadem family. Its been an honor working for Diadem and seeing all of our ideas come to fruition. I never thought I'd be so actively involved with a KPOP fandom until I joined Diadem. I think the biggest thing that keeps me coming back to Diadem is the community. I can safely say that if not for every member, every forum post, every tweet, Diadem wouldn't be where it is today. I hope we'll continue to support the girls for many more years to come and look forward to seeing Diadem continue to grow with each passing year.


PS: Thanks for giving me a reason to go to Korea!

- bankudonku, Project Manager

One year ago I wouldn't even dream that I was going to get into Kpop, let alone be a stan for a group that had the ups and downs that T-ara had. But now, looking back I can safely say that I have no regrets about finding this part of the music industry, with the thing keeping everything in place being Diadem. I found this community through dumb luck one year ago and not a day has passed where I haven't checked it more than once. A place where people can discuss, comment or just spazz over something they all like is a very good place to be a part of. Subbers sub, administrators administer, uploaders upload and the 5 year old community keeps trucking forward, through good and bad times. Having become a part of the staff team just a mere two months ago, I wish I had found this place sooner, but I think I speak for all when I say that, as long as T-ara are out there being awesome, we're not going anywhere.

- Joao Cruz, Uploader

I’ve been with Diadem since Feb 2010… that seems so long. It wasn’t long before I was made a subber, and encoding videos on a regular basis. Thanks Nate and Elly for giving me such a great opportunity to work and improve my skills and give back to a wondrous K-pop community… gosh 3 subbing logo changes!
I’m all over the place in fandoms, varies stages of duress in my career and life and I haven’t been as active around Diadem as I used to be in the past, I hope I have done well enough for the members and fans. I worked with some great subbers in the past and present. Thanks to Nate for always being behind me, and Elly for accepting that romantic dinner date with me, I just know it will be great. Zee, who is pretty fetch as well. There has been up and downs with T-ara, K-pop, and even Diadem but still going strong. Way to go guys.
Five years… That’s quite an achievement and of course I think it’s only fair to thank the members and fans for keeping it going this long. Their donations, love and support for Diadem and T-ara are what make it possible. Thanks people. You are so fetch.
Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem.
- Jimmy, Subbing Coordinator
It's amazing how long Diadem as a community has persisted alongside T-ara. I remember when I first joined Diadem around April 2010 and so much has happened since then. Most of all, I'm thankful of all the friendships I've made with some of the staff and members (except Zee). I'm glad we have so many people who care enough to keep this community lively and welcoming and hope we make a lot more memories together.
Happy 5th Diadem.

- Mark, Administrator

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Guest Amal

Happy 5th anniversary! Cant believe it's been so long already! Thank you for being the best, most active, friendliest T-ara community! To all the admins/staffs, truly thank you! Here's to many years to come ♡

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Congratulations to... everyone! :) And kudos to Elly and others who were here since day one. 5 years is a long time and to remain consistently dedicated, it is quite an achievement!!! Of course, all those who joined after also contributed in their way. The site was kept alive and continued its growth due to all of its members (I make it sound as if I'm stealing Elly's show!!).

It is really interesting to note that the TD community was established even before the group it follows has officially debuted. Fun fact, just want to share for those who weren't aware of it.

And there is nothing better than the community's own anniversary except for the reason for its establishment (and continued existence): T-ara's anniversary!!!


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OH wait this isn't Happy 5th birthday to Boram? (Even though she's older than me) Woops I thought it was =P

Anyway, yup here's to many years to come!

Thanks to not only the staff for welcoming me into the family but to some of the Diadem'ers who I've had the chance to be acquainted to ^^

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5 years guys~! you are all great :) so thanks for Diadem staffs for all the hard work and the indescribable love and support toward T-Ara. as i remember i joined here around 2010, i was a young girl who has a really big curiosity about T-Ara and here, in Diadem i got everything i wanted to know. beside all of it thanks for being so friendly lovely fun and creative, so happy to know Diadem, a bestfriend for T-Ara and Queen's around the world. once again... THANK YOU VERY MUCH DIADEM!! i still want to see you in 5 years later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ALWAYS GOOD LUCK DIADEM!!!

i love you~

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Happy 5th Anniversary Diadem!

Ok this is going to be long. I don't always come out of my closet, but when I do, you'd feel like slapping me LOL /jk/

I first came across T-ara in Jan 2012 and joined this forum six months later, as suggested by a fellow Queen's. Soon after, T-ara involved in that you-know-what controversy and our fandom was such in a chaos. A lot of fansites closed down and the number of T-ara fans dropped quite a lot. Surprisingly, Diadem managed to go thru that chaos and tackled the situation brilliantly.

From then on, I had my eyes on our founder - Elly (uhuh). I was impressed by the fact that she's a 93-liner and she opened up Diadem at 15 years old! At this age I think I was still running around school doing prank on my friends :lol:

To be honest, I even sent a love letter to Elly bahahaha.


Okay don't get me wrong I was just tryna express my gratitude to Diadem. I was so happy to be a member of this fansite (the only fansite I allowed myself to be a member) where professionalism comes first. Being in the fandom for more than two years, I witnessed a lot of commotions and realized that Diadem staffs (not only Elly) have strong interpersonal skills. I wont mention each and every one of you, it's gonna be a long list LOL. But really, you guys impressed me damn much *clap clap clap*

I had a lot of fun playing in Diadem. Back when I was not that busy with work, Diadem was the first site I open in my browser after turning on my computer. I spent like ten hours everyday browsing thru Diadem threads.

Thank you so much to all Diadem staffs for keeping this site alive for five years. I hope I can contribute something to our community by being part of this clan. Sorry that I have limited time to go around moderating the threads as much as I want to. But you guys are welcome anytime to PM me whatever tasks you need help with. Will try my best to get it done ASAP if I have my computer with me.

Last but not least...

Long live Diadem! \o/
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WOW....Five years for any Organization is well done, much less by young peoples with no experience but by sheer Passion!!!

As a long time ♥T-ARA Fan from their beginning days, I was always impressed with the fresh and exciting faces of

♥T-ARA. Always on the hunt for everything and anything ♥T-ARA, I heard thru the grapevine of a startup group featuring updates on my Idol Group outside of Japan & Korea in ENGLISH!!!? WOW?! I was intrigued!

As a Japanese-American born in Japan but raised around the world, I lost my Mother language as a fluent speaker ....so, I can roughly get through but with difficulty?!?! 😖 A little French, Chinese, Korean and some Spanish but certainly no translations!? LOL!!!

Tada!!! Tiaradiadem.com! I think I first started visiting in 2010 to read and catch some news and tips. The site never really caught my interest yet because the Korean and Japanese sites had much more information about ♥T-ARA for me! As a "DieHard" Fan and Collector, it was imperative that I find information quickly to secure ♥T-ARA releases and or Collectables! Hahahaha!!!

But.....in 2011, 2012, Tiaradiadem had a Birthday Project or a Donation Project going on. It interested me on what it was about. The rest is history.

I've been a Member, Fan, and Donor ever since! Sorry I really don't post photos cause I haven't been able to upload them correctly!? Lol! But, that's OK...others have great Pics!

I am spread super thin all over the world with various Groups/Countries, so I don't visit as much.

So....Omedeto Gozaimashita‼ Chuka Hamnida‼ Gongxi ni‼ HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY!

Your Loyal Member from HAWAII,


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Guest Princess Unicorn

5 years ago, I joined a forum called diadem5, dedicated to a girl group from CCM called T-ara that hadn't even debuted yet. 5 years later, that forum became tiaradiadem. I was lucky enough to be part of the staff as a moderator and to serve this forum and fellow Queen's, and though that time has passed, I still treasure the forum and the staff and all the memories I've had being here. I don't come on as often anymore, but I just wanted to congratulate tiaradiadem for its resilience during our toughest times, and for being completely honest and forthcoming with the news that came during those times, and how hard the staff has worked for the past 5 years. You guys keep the fans connected with the girls, and make this forum a great place to talk about T-ara. Keep up the good work! I'm always cheering for you!

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It's so amazing that we have been together for a long run...Diadem is the 1st fan forum which I joined..The 1st place I could fine info, pics about T-ara..and could chat, discuss on T-ara..

I have many memories on Diadem..There's times I spent most of my time on Diadem chatbox and get many friends thanks to there..and Me and my ex-bf had met on Diadem chatbox lol...

I wish all the best to Diadem and admins, staffs...I love you all <3 <3 :wub:

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Being a member for 3 months...and counting,I have seen the way Diadem has been the best fan forum that I've ever seen in ages.Ever since I became a fan of T-ARA,Diadem has already been a 'place' where I found other fans that are really devoted in loving such 6 beauties for God knows how long.And I really thank the staff,especially Diadem's founder,Elly,for having such a fan forum.I salute all of you for 5 years of hardwork,for making such a 'place' wherein fans unite for their love of T-ARA.

And I'd say...



May this last for a long time for now....and in the days to come...

Love,love T-ARA and love ya all~ <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 *peace*

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Happy birthday Diadem. Its already 5 years huh? And I have only joined this forum back in December last year. But though I still new in this forum, I already falling in love with this forum. Thank's to the staff for always treat me from the beginning until now. I really appreciate it.

Last Word: *Lets us together until the end. Keep doing the best for T-ara and for diadem. *

#Happy 5th Birthday Diadem ^^

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