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  1. My diadem account calls me #TeamTara #SOOMPIAWARDS2015

  2. 3 minutes ? sbs why???????

  3. I just watched fancams from recently budokan concert .. and it was great :DD

  4. the bad news really feaks me out :((

  5. I'm ready !! #2013HyomDay

  6. QUEEN'S Ph voters ! congrats!!

  7. Oikaze ga fuite bokura oikoshite.... I really love this song

  8. Im baaaaaaaaack!!! i need to go back to my job as a mod!! I love this!!

  9. Bunny style pv really makes my day so wonderful <3 stay with me ~ stay with me~

  10. my account is logging waahh...

  11. problem sets mode .. Fighting!

  12. Thank you for Diadem and T-ara's CG Girl's United for giving me such great oppurtunity!

  13. Can't wait for t-ara's effect!

  14. Queen's United Ph Mini Gath tomorrow !! good luck to us!

  15. GOODLUCK T-ARA for tonight's concert!!

  16. Motivating Mode: NP:Sexy love

  17. But one day… Rumors started spreading that among them was a girl who possessed special powers.”

  18. Then the day comes .. when i will never saw him..

  19. hey.. Kababayan!! hla sorry if i haven't replied to your msgs... kc bc sa course eh..

  20. It's Raining..Im going home alone.. ><

  21. uuuiii... sorry kung ngaun lng ulit nkapagreply .. how r u n?? 4th year highschool kn db? dto sa manila na ako nag-aaral..

    1. ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      ~Rhai (YSY and PJY)~

      hello po :) okay lang po yan! hehe late din po reply ko eh OTL

      opo 4th year hs na po ako.. saan ka po sa manila? ^^ may twitter ka po ba? kasi po minsan lang po ako mag-ol dito sa forum eh, para po sa twitter nalang po tayo.. hehe

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