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  1. Hello there just dropping by to tell you that your sig makes me smile haha (:

  2. I like your sig (:

  3. Haha! Lets see... Well first you gotta be able to speak korean. Second you gotta find a magic lamp... lols

    Now let me switch it back on you. How do I marry Eunjung?

  4. Yo, you said you needed help?

    With what maybe I maybe able to help you.

  5. But your probably going to have to have enough post to view it ;)

  6. If your still intrested in the spots check here I'm not sure it will help much.


  7. yea leagends haha, but I was wondering if you knew anyone who used to upload videos from them? Idk about you but im a big fan of them :j

  8. Sunmi from wg? wahaha man i miss her T_T

  9. hey vaga have you heard of a group called shinhwa? To be honest I need help and idk who to turn to but you haha

  10. with english subs? I am not sure but you should check out soompi's official Heros thread there should be some information on which groups are subbing Heros.

  11. omg haha I love your sig anyways just dropping by to say hi

  12. Your hyomin picture is amazing, where did you get it from?

  13. haha I guess you can say I enjoy seeing people react to that xD But it isn't like I plan for it to happen hehe. It was also nice speaking to you also.

  14. Well it's not just the ipod but I also pretend to text someone when I'm put in a awkward situations haha it really helps when you do that too

  15. haha that is true about the ipod thing, whenever I'm in a awkward situation I just pull it out and wish I wasn't there!

  16. Haha Its okay usually I leave things like those blank because I want to make people guess what I am ^^

  17. Do I seem like a girl O_O? idk I get that alot online haha but yea thanks for leaving something behind ^__^

  18. keke thanks btw your sig is very adorable ;]

  19. Whoa that picture of Eunjung is just <3

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