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  1. Hi lols lets get to know each other more :) everyone here will naturally become friends

  2. hey yani can you check this thread out? I think someone messed it up:|


  3. No just a friend of mines :)

  4. I "converted" one of my friend who used to listen to rock and such to kpop lols! kinda similar to your story...OH and btw JIYEON IS MINES xD

  5. thanks I'm gonna watch it just for that part haha xD

  6. That is pretty cute haha which episode is it? I haven't been updating myself on Heros :|

  7. LMAO duude your sig is so funny! Is that Jiyeon smacking IU?!


    Your sig of her eating I find it cute (:

  9. oh really? currently I'm still waiting for the subbers to finish subbing hello baby but I've been watching the raws.

  10. Yo yani your avatar is pretty cool! I didn't know you could use gifs for that!

  11. I know right? Probability the funniest gif of sohee I ever saw xD

  12. Hey how you've been? btw I've been meaning to ask you which ep is that of mavin kissing the camera on your sig its so cute xD

  13. iheart

    Thanks for letting me know :) from the avatar she looks pretty cute lol

  14. iheart

    Hi just dropping by to ask about your avatar, it sure caught my attention! May I ask who that is?

  15. Lol I just posted on the topic you started a while ago :D

  16. what happened to Hyomin?! Well Qri is super cute this album (:

  17. I just wanted to say...Nice t-shirt and did you buy it from the site haha!

  18. I think the last picture of eunjung is from her twitter account and btw I like your sig TVXQ (:

  19. iheart

    O_O really with her hair down? tbh I never seen her with her hair down, I guess I should go through the gallery to find some pictures. But I do agree with you she looks so stunning with her hair down

  20. (: I love my sig also rofl, and thanks for dropping by.

  21. iheart

    Yes she is *_* but it only showed her doing that part for a few seconds in the mv and Qri is so freaken gorgous this album really made her stand out <3

  22. iheart

    your sig LOL I really like that part of the song!

  23. lols so I gotta ask what is yoru sig suppose to do? haha im just curious

  24. I've been mad busy haha with finals and working and all the hoildays! But of course I still find time to log onto diadems haha. What about you?

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