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[10.12.17] T-ara next mission for Dream Girls, being in politics?


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After going through Aircrew training, T-ara will now be heading to the National Assembly to help South Korea's senator Na Kyeong Won!

Producer of the show has explained, "This time T-ara will be heading to the political side and will assist and be advisors for senator Na Kyeong Won. Aside from that, T-ara will be representatives of their age group. They will voice out their opinions and views."

Na Kyeong Won's speaker said, "We saw this as a good opportunity. T-ara is in their prime and is very popular. Through them we wish to know the voice of the younger people."

The first episode will air this December 22nd.


Cr: Newsen

Written By: Han Hyeong Jong

Translated By : *YANiPOPO* @tiaradiadem.com

I see this as a double-edge... South Korea is very keen.. lets all play they dont mess up.

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Whoa Politics. I wonder how it will turn out, but T-ara can do it! I hope that they will be successful. Even though I don't know much about politics in other places I hope that they will all get along and that they can really listen and understand to what T-ara thinks about it too. I can't wait to see. T-ara Fighting~! :D

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