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[11.01.21] Taiwanese girl group plagiarizes Brown Eyed Girls, 2NE1 and T-ara?


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i dont understand why taiwanese artist like to plagiarism korean artist. do they think the taiwanese dont know korean or the international dont know their song is plagiarism because we're not korean? or they just jealouse of the heat rising korean song and artist, or they just plainly don't have any creativity again. -__-

i think korean song is better be a comparison to make a good song but not a copy song with same lyrics or same melody or even both.

thanks for the trans

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Guest cubby91av

i'm sorry, but taiwanese groups should be a little more original instead of riding the kpop wave. I mean, try to distinguish yourselves a bit and come up with your own music. then if you become a success and people copy you, you can always sue them and make the big bucks, lol.

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