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[12.02.09] Hwayoung and Hyoyoung to dance head to head in "Lovey-Dovey Plus"


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[12.02.09] Hwayoung and Hyoyoung to dance head to head in "Lovey-Dovey Plus"


T-ara's Hwayoung and her twin sister Hyoyoung of 5dolls will dance versus each other in SPEED's "Lovey Dovey Plus" music video.

Since their debuts, twin sisters Hwayoung and Hyoyoung have never been on stage together or done activities together. Their appearance in SPEED's "Lovey-Dovey Plus" music video is garnering attention for that fact it's their first appearance together after debut, and both the twins will showcase brilliant dance moves.

In the "Lovey-Dovey Plus" music video, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung will be dressed and looking the same, while dancing around various different people making it difficult to determine which twin is which. The idea of searching for Hwayoung and Hyoyoung in the music video was created for fun.

SPEED's "Lovey-Dovey Plus" music video was inspired by Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" and will be revealed through music sites on the 10th.

Core Contents Media said, "Coed's male unit SPEED came up with the idea, arranged, and wrote the lyrics for 'Lovey-Dovey Plus' by themselves. Whether SPEED will promote 'Lovey-Dovey Plus' through broadcasts is undetermined still."

On the other hand, the original five members of Coed: Taewoon, Jungwoo, Kwanghaeng, Inoh and Sungmin are joined by a new member, Shin Jongkook from "Superstar K3" to create a 6-member group.

SPEED said, "We've work hard and want to quickly show what we've prepared. Just like the name SPEED, we plan to show ourselves by running each and every day"


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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It does sounds fun. Figuring out which twin is the other and vice versa. Considering both have the same hair cut, it will be a little difficult to tell them apart. However, being surrounded by twins for friends does have its perks. Now, only if I can decide which is much prettier, given that Hwayoung hinted that her sister is much prettier. Tough call.

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