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[12.06.28] Video - Day by Day teaser


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I admit it if Dani has a beautiful and pretty face!!!!!!

Hyomin is the main character here!!!!!

cant wait for it!!!!!


It reminds me to FINAL FANTASY!!!!


and I see Jiyeon is the best here!!!!!

From here I see , T-ara is the only girl group who always create a great MV!!!!

I'm proud being Queen's and also being one of DIADEMs!!!!


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I love it, i would like to see more of Eunjung but i hope i really can see her when the MV be fully revealed.

There´s a little point about the music that sound a little weak for this strong girls version video, but i hope is only the begining of the song and later it becomes very powerfull just as the look of the girls fantastic Eunjung ,Jiyeon and Hyomin. :wub:

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My soul was taken away....

Totally totally blew my mind away. I am speechless. If only it's a 2 hours movie !!! Park Jiyeon, I don't care what people say about your spoilt blonde hair but you just kick my a** and Eunjung with that sword ... I can't ... I can't breathe !!!

*If only they focus a little bit lesser on Dani and more on Eunjung ... Just saying. Dani looks good though under the care of red hottie Hyomin.

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One word to describe it: DAEBAK !!!

Right now I've stopped working and started googling website that put up the teaser. All I see are positive reactions haha XD

(I must be crazy :P)

As much as I hate their management, I'm still pretty much satisfied on how much effort they put in for our Queens. :D

Let's hope the MV will be awesome like the teaser. :)

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This is by far the best teaser that I've ever seen....and I think soon it will be the best MV!!!!

Jiyeon is the best!! Looks like she is the leader of all the bad guy...haha...amazing....and also eunjung!! I can't stand the blue eyessss....omg!!!

Can't wait for the full MV..btw the song is great too...I've been playing the video over and over again....can't get enough of it!!

T-ARA jjangggg!!!!!

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