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[12.08.22] Eunjung and agency confused by the news, "We hadn't received any notice"


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SBS said, adding that they will be talking to the manufacturers and sponsors who have unilateral decision to arbitrarily remove Eunjung because of advertising issues without any notice to SBS. There are also reportsthat the actress is expected to replace the role of Eunjung will not be able to participate in the drama because encumbered filming a movie.

Official representative from SBS, "Completely untrue. We do not know anything about the cancellation of Eunjung's role as well as related information. Ridiculous when there are guys that we have putnotice of the cancellation of his role with Eunjung. We are continuing to clarify things and feel really embarrassed for the occurrence of unforeseen things like this. "

Source: Starnews

soo this is just a rumor,right??

do you have the actual article of this statement?? :)

thanks mate ^^

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i think its the sponsors who let this news slip to pressure SBS to fire eunjung. SBS said they didn't know about this decision yet and will try to find ways to resolve this.

anyway, do you have news about eunjung? she's supposed to be filmimg today right?

poor eunjung unnie.. :unsure:

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Asking for a police conviction alone is ridiculous from the start since there's no actual law being broken here and labor rights in Korea are ridiculously laughable for such a developed country. Just because one isn't breaking the law doesn't mean he/she is a douchebag.

Really, so, that whole Open World Entertainment CEO arresting was just a whole "act" then, right? <_<

And even so, you're demand for the police to look into the bullying issue is also fallacy as the only time the police are ever involved is if potential murder or suicide is in the mix - which certainly isn't the case of T-ara.

Bully? From what I've read from these antis claim that there's actual "physical abuse" happening to our girls. As for the bullying, laws can be changed in South Korea, and if I'm not mistaken they are currently creating the legal work frame to handle this specifically right now.

Read up on anything about Kpop's darker sides and it's pretty darn clear that idols in general are worked like slaves and Soyeon already confirmed that the group is pretty much worked to the bone and want to go on vacation - and all they get is one week and in that midst, KKS outright calls them 'lazy'. And since then, they've been very silent about their own rights despite promoting on a level that's even far more than other idol groups out there.

I already have, and I'm pretty sure "not even a contract is above the law" either. Did our Soyeon "clearly state that they are slaves" to Core Contents Media? Can you point that out in their contracts, please? True, they are one of the most dedicated hard working idols currently. I can even recall several times that instead of taking a vacation break, they went to do volunteer work to help others before. I agree, they should use their vacation time, because they deserve it. Who knows, perhaps they were going to get a huge vacation later on this year, before all of this misunderstanding happened. For sure enough, they're getting one that's being covered with lies by antis, right now.

Determination aside, there's absolutely no sense or logic for the members to have the motive to perform despite being injured and overworked terribly - the only credibly guess why they're still doing so is because they're doing it out of fear of repercussion - hence, the term 'a gun pointed behind their heads'.

Really, or perhaps it's because they wanted to do it for their fans? Ever considered that before?

If you even bother to look into how SeeYa's Nam Gyuri fared, she didn't call KKS a devil for nothing.

That has nothing to do with our girls. Granted that was another unfortunate incident that took it's toll on both sides, and including the fans. However, mistakes can be corrected and redeemed, nor do they have to be repeated again. Mentioning this does not help at all, because this "misunderstanding" is very much different from Nam Gyuri. And yes, I'm still a fan of hers too.

Specific number? The Korean community here is 30k+ in New Zealand and I may as well say I lost count. Lot of people talked about it and they've been pretty open about their opinion regarding T-ara. Disliking and disapproving of a group and being an 'anti' of it are two different levels. You seem to be generalizing them under one umbrella.

So, basically you spoken to "every one of them", and majority are in disfavor of T-ara because of the false reports made by antis, yes?

If both groups share the same frame of mind, then they are the same, so yes, it is a generalization, because they either haven't bothered to find out the truth to all of those fabrications and lies, or they are just taking it as is, with no remorse for our girls whatsoever.

Ugh;; it's pointless even arguing with you here. That is all. End of story.

Please continue to support our Hwayoung's return to our T-ara and their comeback as a 9 member group. ^_^

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i read from soompi articel that bridal mask actress replace eunjung. sbs so cruel !!!! yeah i leave this drama too

According to other article I read their is no confirmation yet about the replacement of bridal mask actress. I hope eunjung still the main cast of the drama. Let's wait and hope for Eunjung's and T-ara's best. Fighting. <3

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According to other article I read their is no confirmation yet about the replacement of bridal mask actress. I hope eunjung still the main cast of the drama. Let's wait and hope for Eunjung's and T-ara's best. Fighting. <3

yupp i hope so, just support eunjung for the end. Fighting unnie ah

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You know if you read all of the news regarding this subject, the articles specify that "it was revealed...." and an "insider said..." or "an associate of the producers said..." or "one side says..."

All of this is piss-poor reporting from the media. I am not saying that Eunjeung will or won't be canned but the only side who is making an official statement is CCM. Haven't we learned from all of this fiasco that you can't really trust un-verified news sources?

If SBS is really canning Eunjeung, then lets hear their official statement and move on.. its really a shame and not really fair but its their loss anyway. If SBS isn't really dropping Eunjeung, then all of us just got riled up again by yet another false rumor.

Seriously, its really surprising for me to see how the Korean press relies on rumors instead of asking statements from someone who actually has the guts to be quoted by his/her name. Basing their stories on facts digged up by random netizens instead of investigating the issue by themselves. Summing up articles with comments from message boards which anyone with an access to the internet can write in instead of contacting real experts of the industry.

BTW.. I don't mind heated debates and differences of opinion. Its always good to hear from another prespective but.... I think we have a troll in our midst (note the repetition of certain words that are meant to rile up negative comments).. I would've suggest just "ignoring the ignorant" since trolls thrives on any attention but another solution is you can also report posts that you think is annoying.

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I meant really....I'm not missing every freaking single actions from the "media" to our girls....yes...that's included Hwayoung too....

and all I can say right now....is that.....


Not funny guys...not funny......you're messing with our girls....you're messing with us.....

More to come.....yet we don't know what will be next....=.=.....

I'm so looking forward to watch my Jungie on 5Fingers.......grhhhhhhhh

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They ARE called 'idols' for a reason you know - considering they're supposed to take part in multiple fields of entertainment, the media and the public in general eventually grow to have the preference of seeing them as 'angels' or 'saints'. In a way, they're supposed to be 'role models' for young people out there. There's also the fact that idols are even trained to act fake in front of the camera by the agencies in particular - which goes to say, ultimately, its the agencies that are to hold much of the blame - the public just eats the stuff they're fed mindlessly.

You'd also have to consider that the Korean public had been bombed with media reports of bullying earlier in the year - cases which resulted in suicide amongst middle school students in particular and bullying as a whole is quite a huge social issue there (though I can say the same for anywhere else, I do know that bullying in Korea is quite severe since I've witnessed and experienced it myself when I was there).

The very last thing the public would want to hear about bullying after hearing so many severe cases of it in a year is idol groups going through the same thing. Group activities aside, the timing of the incident was just absolutely terrible due to that alone.

the first role models for young people should be their oun parents, not idols who are the same age almost than those who bully in the schools. Is easier when something is going bad in society the put the blame outside the children homes and teachers in shcool, because creating "prefect"idols will not finish bulling in Korea.

and the worst is that those who say hate bulling, are doing it to T-ARA, they are not different from the bullies in schools, and if one of the grils do something stupid, sure they will blame past idols, actors, to commit sucide or someting like that and wont recognized their oun society expectations over idols and actors are the cause of this actions that for me are another big problem in Korea besides bulling in schools.

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I'm really glad shes not doing the drama..it looks boring to me haha buuut anyways i think it was waaay too soon for al the girls to go back on screen so easily and quickly i think they ALL should had just rested and preapre themselve for their comeback only like what KSS said earlier this year but nooooo.........i really think KSS is up to something lets see what happens to HyoMin

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Wow!!! This is a total BS!!!!

Removing her without giving notice?

Don't the production know how much it hurts? and it seems like kinda hard to Eunjung's feelings?!

wtf is their problem? Ratings? I know this is not certain yet but it is really really making my blood boiled!!!

Damn I'm really really pissed to the max!!!!

For sure some or most of those ratings is due to EJ's expectation to appear, of course, people need to know the background of the story so that they can relate, don't they?!!!!

If this is really be confirmed, i hope five fingers ratings will drop to the max and let's see how will they react! damn!

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When it freaking rains, it freaking pours.

I really really feel bad for Eunjung. This is her chance to show everyone her capabilities as a lead actress, her chance to be loved by drama audience again (if she gives a good performance which I don't doubt she will), her chance to expand her acting range and her chance to get her mind off the controversies by working. I really hope SBS won't cut her out of this production. She is the perfect lead for this drama.

Will wait for the OFFICIAL NEWS before I start cursing at someone (SBS!).

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