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[12.09.06] Video HD - T-ara Sexy Love Comeback on M! Countdown


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yeah! super loud fan chants and screaming. Lots of energy and It looks so much better live than in the music video. Its great to finally know which member sings which part. Props to Boram for taking that high part before the chorus and also to Eunjung. Haven't heard her sing that high since TTL. Areum and Qri dancing together is just jaw dropping, I'm gonna put that on repeat.

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Great performance and good work queen's..I'm sure t-ara will never forget this comeback stage because of queen's loud cheer....daebak!

Nice to see our girls dancing and smiling..hope they have a good and fun time at the stage....

Fighting for the next stage!! And Queen's keep up the spirit yo~!! ^^

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Wow,I'm touched and glad that despite the controversy,the fanchant is still very loud.Proud of to both QUEEN'S and T-ara!!

What impressed me the most is that they sang LIVE on the first time comeback performance (although some parts are lip-synced).This is a great performance.

Good to hear that Areum's rap part doesn't sound so robotic-ish like in the music video.

And,WTF?Eunjung's high notes??? Everyone,give a big round of applause!!It's been a while since she hit a high note live!Even though she is not my most favourite member,I gotta say,she did awesome.

Soyeon and Hyomin did a great job on the chorus parts - as always,duh!

Boram,Qri and Jiyeon did great too.Hey Boram,you look hot with short hair and Jiyeon,your killer eyes is killing the QUEEN'S.Oh and Qri...,please change your hair colour T_T

Although this is pre-recorded,'m very satisfied with this perfomance.Can't wait to see the next tomorrow.

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I love it! Thanks for the vid!

Definitely one of the best T-ara comeback stage ever! I've always known that these girls are good dancers but seeing this performance got me so amazed. The dance moves are so crisp!

I'm really happy to see them perform again. Boram looked really pretty here and Hyomin looked beautiful as a doll specially in the red outfit with that haircolor. Eunjung seems to lost a lot of weight but I'm happy she's back to hitting those high notes. I hope she and all the girls are in a happier state of mind now. Will be looking forward to seeing all their performance stages for Sexy Love.

T-ara fighting!

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Finally T-ara comeback stage!

I'm so happy they can perform again.

This performance is awesome.

Eunjung's high note FTW!!!

I love the change of costumes, I love their dance, I love their songs.

The fan chants really boosted the energy in this performance.

I'm so happy that there are still many T-ara fans left in Korea.

It really felt good that fans all over the world are actually looking forward to this comeback despite the controversy.

This comeback is probably the most important and most meaningful ever because of what they have been through last month.

Ugh. Speaking of controversy, it seems to boil again as Hwayoung's recent tweet with rap audio and lyrics is being criticized and scrutinized by netizens and most likely it's going against T-ara again. Tsk. Oh well, I hope it won't blow up and I hope it gets resolved soon.

All I can say is that I really hope there are no more controversies against T-ara. It's just tiring and draining all of us fans, we get frustrated, we get so divided, we lose our focus, and we tend to forget that we are here as fans primarily because of our appreciation for their music, not the artists' personal issues.

T-ara Fighting!

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