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[12.09.10] T-ara humiliated as audience cheered "Hwayoung" at Jeju Island concert


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come on, theyre so damn silent not because they hate them, it was because theyre freaking mesmerized by them!

heck if i am there watching t-ara, which is their first LIVE public comeback, reminding myself that I can finally watch my queens after waiting for so long, not to mention the delays caused by all of this bogus controversies,

I would just stand there

eyes open wide

full focus mode

mouth opened



and tears would probably start falling down

a compete silence of captivation, that would be my silence

just think positive brosters! :D

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Mmmmmmmmm Im not sure if this is true or not, since I watched a couple of fancams and I heard more cheering than booing. I also only heard like 1 person saying Hwayoung. If it is true, then that is very harsh and disrecpectful, people really should learn manners more >.>

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Seeing how Jiyeon seems in a rush to go off stage after their final robotic pose, I think they were indeed affected by the negative response (the boos when T-ara was announced + cold/silent treatment). After rewatching the fancams, I really think their expressions while performing were not as bright/energetic as their music show performances.

But then again, I really think it's not that bad compared to SNSD's black ocean. The news circulating are just probably based on anti-fan accounts so it seems really "humiliating" for the reader. The article said 10 minutes but it's just 1 song so it's not 10 minutes LOL. And I can barely hear those shouts about Hwayoung or get out of the stage. The worst part I have heard is the loud negative response after T-ara was announced. That's it. Okay maybe I am underestimating it. (Honestly if I were in their place, I would just perform my best and not notice the audience because I know I can perform well and if they don't want to see me perform, it's not my problem anymore, it's their problem.) But it all boils down to the fact that "humiliation" should not be based on the netizens' or the audience's standard. I think what matters is if the T-ara members really felt humiliated that much. Or better yet, if such negative response disheartened them.

I wrote in one post that there were no news about black ocean. I guess I was wrong. I've read one article that really used the term "black ocean" so it appears so huge and bad. I do hope that this pseudo-black ocean helped gain sympathy for them instead (but who am I kidding, those anti-fans are probably laughing at them now) . I hope T-ara members also know about that comment I've been always reading/seeing: "SNSD got black ocean twice, but look at how successful they have become." I hope they can take some inspiration by that so they can stay optimistic.

I've said this before. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect like this.

T-ara may be hurt by the response in this Jeju concert, but I also believe that their fighting spirit and determination just got even stronger. Watch the Inkigayo performance. After a painful night, they get up again the following day and showed us an even more energetic and powerful performance. I'm holding onto their previous statement that they will perform like it's their last and that they are going to have a mindset of rookies. So I guess the more negative response they get, they will just strive harder so they can give their best performance every time they perform. Show them, T-ara. I know you can.

Remember that the controversy started with their tweets on determination and haters and netizens have been mocking them using the term "determination" ever since. Oh well, T-ara didn't tweet it for nothing. They got hated for it. But now, I think it's time for T-ara to show the public, especially those haters, what determination really means.

T-ara Fighting!!! :)

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I expected that... but there is a good point. The girls stay strong. Did you watch IY performance? I felt their strenght there. These girls are too strong. This hurts a lot but they will overcome this :)

The people are trying to bully them... what a shame.

My girls are strong and I know that this will make them grow a lot :) Please, support T-ara, queens <3!!!

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Yeah I have already watched both videos but it wasnt that bad like reported!!! some posts said there was 10 minutes silence and black out but T-ara performed roughly for 5minutes!! Mde me laugh at that post!! Also after the performance was ended, some fans appreciated it and even clapped!!

I noticed those cheers too at the end.

she was kicked out after slacking off while other work hard.

Actually, her contract was terminated by 19 written statements by staff members while she was trying to recover from her foot injury.

she just ruined t-ara after so long the old members spend tears and sweats to gain fans and acknowledgements.

While part of T-ara, the entire group gained more successes than ever before. We can all see their accomplishments and awards are greater as the 7 member group than previously.

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It wasn't THAT bad compared to the article.. but even I could feel the humiliation and I'm not even up there D: Their facial expressions weren't too happy, which is definitely understandable! I would've been screaming for them! ... Though I probably would've gotten destroyed since everyone's angry at them and whatever.. people need to let this go and just get on with their lives. If anyone else saw their comeback on Inkigayo, you would've seen the massive difference in the audience and how they (T-ara) instantly lit up once they saw how much support Queens gave them :))) I LOVE ALL THE QUEENS THAT ARE SUPPORTING T-ARA RIGHT NOW <3 Thank you for staying with T-ara :))

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This is definitely not cool at all. I mean seriously, those stupid morons are really acting extremely immature. It's definitely getting old and getting old really fast. It is absolutely time for all of those people to grow up for God's sake and either aim the negativity at something or someone else or just do something that is even more productive in their lives, like maybe I don't know, GET A DOGGONE JOB AND WORK HARD FOR SOME MONEY. This is very serious stuff and if there are some people out there that still hate T-ara so much, they need to just shut up and do something that is the best for them to avoid starting a commotion. And that one thing is to.......

LEAVE T-ARA ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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