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[10.05.26] "Beyonce body envy" T-ara Hyomin for 'My Partner'


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T-ara Hyomin, who's ideal figure is Beyonce, is set to appear in the SBS pilot program, "My Partner".

"My Partner" is set to air on the 28th. Hyomin was determined to be on it because she has a lot of body fat for her low body weight. She needs to build up her muscles significantly.

Hyomin's trainer said, "Her body is not very complex. She's skinny, but her body is resilient (?)," he revealed.

Hyomin said, "My ideal body would be like Beyonce, she is looks very good and is very flexible. I want to be in shape like her," she said hoping.

"My Partner" is a program that deals with challengers teamed up to achieve a fit and healthy body.


source: http://spn.edaily.co.kr/entertain/newsRead...DirCode=0010301

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + spn

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so is this like celebrity fit club?

i don't know, i think hyomin looks kinda good the way she is.

i never thought she was too skinny or had a lot of body fat, I wouldn't know though.

I saw hara at KMF and she looks skinny but apparently Hara is very strong from what they say.

So we never know. Either way, great to see more love for hyomin.

hyomin hwaiting.

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Wowwww. Really? She is already amazing in the looks department. Have you seen her pic from her cy blog in the black dress? GREAT FIGURE! And she wants to have a body like beyonce? Someone bring me to the hospital too much sexiness in one person is a great deal to handle.

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she's cute and looks determined in that photo,i'm a lilbit scared with that muscle trainer.haha!~^^

she looks skinny but has the most beautiful body in t-ara,so i guess she wants more to be

more healthy.. its going to be tough,

Hyominie!~ hwaiting!~:)

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she's going to go through what rain went through for his movie in Ninja Assasin.

but i can't believe Hyomin is going through this.

It is tough but since she wants to have a healthier body i will give her my full support.

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