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  1. im back :D after a while.. busy with Uni .. hye everyone.. miss diadems..

  2. hey icy... im back in town !! XD hahaa

  3. OMG!! you guys should listen to Ukiss new song '0330" worth listening... so sweet and the best song of them... 5/5 (IMO)

  4. lol... i dont know how to explain the story... hahaa. XD

  5. ahaha... lol.. im fine thank you... u ? do overwork yourself... XD

  6. and and i like "how i met your mother " too.. XD hahaa

  7. hahaa.. i love "my wife and kids' too.. super funny XD hahaa :)

  8. sorry.. wrong comment box.. haha XD ^^ please delete.. haahahaa

  9. hahaa.. kk enough with this.. haha XD :) so what r u doin now ?

  10. hahaa... dont you have anything else to love other than sleeping. ? ahha XD :)

  11. type their name and clicked either drama wiki or wikipedia.. it will help you a lot.. hahah XD ^^

  12. hahaa.. yeah ^^ so what is your next drama ?lol XD

  13. haha. XD thats crazy.. ^^

  14. waaaarghhh.. ! hahaa.. XD

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