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  1. why are you telling me that all of sudden ? XD

  2. haha.. i suggest you watch that first.. but if u asked about my fav.. i love rookies.. :) its about baseball.. lol.. XD

  3. ouh.. haha XD what language is that ? ^^

  4. even though i dont understand... i will say

    "ouh thanks" hahaaa

  5. doing good XD.. u ? yeah its been a long time.. hahaa

  6. meaning " long time no see "

  7. dont trust the poster.. hahaa.. see in video..lol!! XDD i watched a lot of jap drama already.. hahaa .. u should watch 1 litre tears tho.. :)

  8. yes! hahaa.. o hisashiburi ... heee XD

  9. hahaa..korean f4 really good looking but japanese f4 more kawaii :P ^^ hahaaa

  10. yes but i love the original version more than korean.. lol :)

  11. hahaa... u should watch hana yori.. 5/5 :))

  12. nope..jap drama :) aaaahhh so in love with jdorama... dont stop can't stop :) ^^

  13. haha no homework.. maybe because i watched jdrama until late night.. hahaa. ^^

  14. yeap...lol..im great.. plus bored.haha! im tired maybe because lacked of sleep... rofl weeeee!!

  15. not busy.. my internet server really slow at the moment.. haha :) how r u ?

  16. hye sorry for reply sooner.:) dongsaeng then.. hahaa

  17. lol..is not a show.. its a jap movies.. korean japanese movie.. :) so good. you too...ganbatte !!

  18. still student... waiting for my exam result so that i can go to uni.. which is this Wednesday.. *scary >.<"* u?

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