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[11.05.20] T-ara's Jiyeon makes a surprise appearance in "Miss Ripley"


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T-ara's Jiyeon makes a surprise appearance in "Miss Ripley"


T-ara's Jiyeon makes a surprise cameo appearance in the new MBC TV drama, "Miss Ripley".

Jiyeon plays the role of the Japanese prime minister's daughter in the drama who is staying at the hotel where Jang Myunghyun is a general manager and suddenly disappears.

Jiyeon was said to have brought a bright and lively personality to the shoot in a downtown Seoul hotel.

A representative said, "Jiyeon has a very tight schedule, but despite that she was able to appear. Because the role that Jiyeon received is the pivotal figure in opening a new life to Lee Dahae, it is important in the development of the drama. Jiyeon also wants to become more skillful and improve the quality of her acting by becoming more natural so it is a good opportunity for her," they said.

"Miss Ripley" is about two very different men who fall in love with a woman whose life is a complicated web of lies. It will begin airing on May 30th.


Source: Nate

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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Finally she get a drama <3 She has been missed in action for such a long timesmile.gif

I soooo miss her actingsad.gif

But it's like a cameo?

This time she's a Japanese :D Im so excitedcool.gif

Anyway the important thing is SHE ACTS AGAIN, gosh Ive been waiting for so long baby :D

Hwaiting hwaitng!!!

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really suprise and definitely happy when she the tittle.

but read the news and recognize that Jiyeon just a guess for this drama dry.gif

so sad but still better than nothing hahah wink.gif

hope that she will have lot of screen kkkkk laugh.gif

also wating for her new drama and variety show biggrin.gif

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TRJBVNAEHD !!!! ahahahh FINALLY !! the awesome most talented actress has returned, AHAHHAHAH, its make me feel soo happy, even though she's not playing a main role, I'M SOOO HAPPY THAT SHE'S ACTING AGAIN -_- and i really appreciate the director's comments, they're soo nice ehheheh


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