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[11.08.11] Getamped Revolution, Sweet and Bloody T-ara is coming


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[11.08.11] Getamped Revolution, Sweet and Bloody T-ara is coming


Windy Soft ( Representative: Baek ChilHyun,

http://www.windysoft.net ) revealed the items of girl group T-ara who were chosen as their promotion model. It was revealed through a content update that is currently going in extreme action-code 'Getamped Revolution'.

'Getamped Revolution' chose a stage concept of popular girl group T-ara which is a cat concept. With that motive, they designed a newly updated 'Dancing Cats-T-ara'. It's a rear accessory that you could receive if you purchase the Premium T-ara Box. 'Dancing Cats-T-ara' could show a cute attack with the exciting T-ara's choreography and fantastic stage.

You can also get a 'T-ara Emblem' that cost GM (game money) 1.5 bae, PTS 1.3 bae. Eunjung, Hwayoung, and Hyomin's skin, T-ara balloon that could burst if you throw it, and another set items for each members. 'Getamped' showed a throughout update with T-ara.

And to celebrate their T-ara update, they made some characters according to T-ara members and it's user-controlled. 'T-ara Survival: Would you like to have a battle once with T-ara?' The promotion will start on 11th August. You can choose a member that you want to have as your girlfriend, then upload your own photo. Edit your photo together with one of the member and write 'My girlfriend is T-ara'. Register in the portal site for the event with T-ara video and your edited photo, also don't forget to leave your address. Winners will be chosen through a drawing and will win a T-ara accessories/item, and a 'Getamped' t-shirt with handwritten autographs of the girls.

A representative from Windy Soft Getamped, Kim Eunji spoke out, "Not only seeing T-ara, but they can try to control the girls by themselves. We hope that people will enjoy our concept of promotion especially in the Photo Event. Through this, we also look forward to the support for T-ara's rear accessories (Dancing Cats), skin, emotion, and other various updates."

You can find more information about 'Getamped Revolution' in their official website. ( http://getamped.windyzone.com )


Source: T-arafan.com

Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem

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T-ARA LOOKS AMAZZINGGG !! this is the most beautiful game i've ever seen in my whole life, WOWWWWW !!

and JiYeon it BREATHLESS MANN, stunning, like the smexiest agent i've seen in my whole life, and Hyomin is a pretty awesome looking policemen too !

I can't wait to see what the game is and play it :)

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My brother use to love playing GetAmped 2 and always pestered me into playing with him but I always declined. I now have a reason to play but I take it this one is only for Korean users. Just my luck.

'T-ara is my girlfriend'? Lol, I have a feeling fans are gonna go crazy with this. xD

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