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[12.01.25] T-ara's Eunjung injured her left kneecap, needs 6 weeks to recover


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[12.01.25] T-ara's Eunjung injured her left kneecap, needs 6 weeks to recover


Eunjung from girl group T-ara injured her left kneecap on a snowy road, and needs 6 weeks for full recovery.

She was on her way to home on 24th January (11.50 PM) after a choreography practice of 'Lovey Dovey' when she fell and injured her left kneecap. It was snowing when she fell down, and the road was freezing.

She was rushed straight to the hospital for a X-ray and first aid treatments, and had another check-up on 25th January.

The result of the check-up showed that she needs 6 weeks for full recovery of her kneecap. She also had a treatment to removed 30ml of blood inside her knee. She needs to come back for a few more times to the hospital, for another treatments.

Right now, Eunjung are wearing gips on her legs because her knee is swollen. T-ara's company Core Content Media stated, "We will adjust the schedule after we see the condition of Eunjung's legs."


Source: Nate

Translated by: dianapetrina @ Diadem

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Even with this, I'm sure she will be her usual stubborn self and continue with some of her schedules!

Is it really impossible to cancel all her schedules? C'mon! She just got her ankle sprained!!

Through my experience, the moment you sprain or break any part of your body, you gonna feel some pain every now and then in the future. Shes got 3 injuries so far (the ones we've known) in 2 years.. That is bad! :unsure:

Im so worried abt her... :(

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poor eunjungie... :( she needs 6 weeks, this is bad, i think this time her injury is getting worse

i don't know why lately she always get injured, makes me worry so much

she really really really need full rest, instead of half

i hope after queen insoo, she can get more rest time

she needs to recover herself completely before returning to work :unsure:

get better soon eunjungie :(:(

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hope that there company will give her, her full rest just like other company do when their artist was injured :angry:

6 weeks?? it's really serious and she can't and please don't force to do any straining activities cause it maybe worsen the situation. :(:mellow:

Please be healthy to all the members :(

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