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[OFFICIAL] T-ara Bikini Concept Photos (08/02)


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i think that is they new selca, not concept.

those photos is on Manager of T-ara twitter or instagram, right?

Yeah they posted previews of it but the photos themselves were released on their official site for their song Bikini: http://sooyoungbok.com/

The other concept pics (which do not include T-ara though) are in the album.

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is it really a photoshoot? hehe the girls seem to have fun with it ^^ Jiyeon OMG i worship you :wacko:

LOL at

1) Hyomin's arm muscle :))

2) Qri's T-shirt....what the... :ph34r:

Drooling at Hyomin's biceps,lol :P

At first I thought Jiyeon didn't suit short hair but the more I see it,the more I think it suits her.She pulls it off nicely. I'm pretty worried about Boram though.She looks pale and extremely skinny....

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The only positive thing that i'm going to say is the girls look so beautiful in the pics, especially Hyomin and Qri. I know that it's too bad that we can't see the girls perform on music shows right now but we can be happy with the concept photos at least. There's no need to be sad. We will be seeing the girls again soon

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-- the girls are really beautiful here! they don't even look like having a photo shoot .. it's like they're just a group of friends [ which they really are] who are goofing around in front of the camera. T-ara can really pull being cute, dorky and gorgeous at the same time :P .. I'm proud by just knowing that :D .

And Hyomin! Oh God, I know that out of the six girls, Hyomin's the one who's mostly works out .. but those arms, OMO! Hyo, you're getting sexier as the days go by ! :D

It's a sad thing that although the girls here are beautiful, they don't appear in the video. The title of the MV is quite misleading as well as the thread's name .. actually this whole thing is misleading! Oh well, at least we have these pictures to spazz on~

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