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[10.06.16] T-ara, a dinner with hallyu stars?


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*Hallyu Stars = Korean wave. Actor: Rain, Kwon Sangwoo, etc.

The group T-ara had a dinner with hallyu stars.

On June 11th, a member of T-ara called Hyomin revealed a photo of them at her mini-hompy. The caption of the photo is "A delicious dinner with the hallyu stars^^".

In the photo we could see T-ara members smiling brightly, and some hallyu stars which is not there for real. The photo made netizens wonder. Hyomin's comment "Although it's only a photo..", leaves some questions regarding the photo. There's some poster of Rain, Kwon Sangwoo, etc behind them.

On the same day, Hyomin also showed some photos with the casts of <Death Bell 2>.

The title of the photo is 'Time for delicious tuna party' and a caption "Suro-teacher also Ppoppi ang~ together with us♥ Exciting time. Death Bell 2 fighting^^". She also posted a photo with Hwang JungEum with title "With the very very pretty JungEum onni! Somehow we look like a friend..."

Meanwhile, the OST for 'Death Bell 2' with the title 'What should we finish?' by T-ara's Soyeon will be released in Melon on June 16th.




Source: The Star News

Credit: dianapetrina@diadem (trans) + The Star (source)

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Lol, I clicked on this coz I thought they actually had dinner with "real" hally stars ^^

But cute all the same.

Sooro's second picture is so funny.

I love him and his craziness.

Missing him on Family Outing too!

Good to see him being such good friends with the T-ara beauties!

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