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[10.06.16] Hyomin, "Sunny is not even my boyfriend.."


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Invincible Youth Hyomin, "Sunny resigned. She's not even my boyfriend.." Cried a lot.

'Invincible Youth' Hyomin, cried while talking about SNSD's Sunny who's quitting the show.

At 'Invincible Youth' press conference on June 16th, Hyomin responded when the reporter asked her opinion about Sunny quitting the show. "I think it's the time to use what Sunny has taught me before." She professionally told her ambition. In the early 'Invincible Youth', her nickname was 'Edited Girl' or 'Folding Screen Girl'. But after she learned about entertainment through Sunny, she become 'Sun-byeong (Sunny's folding screen)'.

Hyomin told us, "One of the new member called Jooyeon (AS) is similar to me. I actually declared that I will teach Jooyeon about entertainment world, but it's too much burden to me. Now I know how Sunny felt about me." She also added, "While filming, I called Sunny and told her things. I asked her, 'What should I do now?' she would answer me without hesitation 'Do it! Do well even without me' she even texted me."

She was full with emotion while talking about Sunny, and she finally cried. Kim Shinyoung said, "Actually there's a story that I haven't told Hyomin. Sunny told me, 'Hyomin is actually introvert. She'll treat you differently if you're kind to her.'" Suddenly Hyomin cried a lot. Hyomin told us while crying, "Sunny is not even my boyfriend..." then she laughed. Narsha who was sitting beside her said, "Both of them is not dating, or are they?"

She told us while wiping her tears, "I'm crying because I'm really thankful of Sunny. Now I will try to adapt and do well by myself." That day while filming, she received applause from reporters and staffs for being exceptionally funny.

Meanwhile, 'Invincible Youth' changed their member from SNSD Yuri&Sunny + 4minute Hyuna into AS's Jooyeon, f(x)'s Victoria, and Sori. G7 members agreed and said, "Because it's still the beginning, we couldn't match each other yet. We will work harder to show our various charms." The 1st episode with new members will air in June 18th, 11.05 PM KST.


Source: Nate News

Credit: dianapetrina@diadem (trans) + nate (source)

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reading this makes me cry. there was really a big change from when Hyomin started IY til now.

i can totally feel her appreciation to what Sunny taught her. and yes, it's time to use whatever she have learned from Sunny

i have nothing against the new members of IY but i still love the original G7. i'm looking forward to Jooyeon though

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awww thats was really sweet. im glad to see that Hyomin and Sunny are staying close even though they arent filming together any more. Its really nice seeing the bond between the two :) I will miss the sunny hyomin relaetionship, but maybe this new hyomin jooyeon relationship will be interesting :)

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Hyomin is so sweet talking about Sunny. They're like BFF and I saw them finding comfort to each other (or if not with Pureum) I hope the next IY will be as lovely as the first though it'll never be the same w/o SNSD's Sunny and 4minute Hyuna. Still HWAITING! :)

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awww. so sad.

it's so sweet and wonderful to see how close their relationship is even when sunny's not on the show anymore. There's nothing but love between the two.

''she's not even my boyfriend'', well then again sunny's not a boy. lol. j/k j/k. I'm sure Hyomin will do very well on the show still.

I will still miss the original G7. i hope the show will be fun.

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Aigoo.. :)

Just reading it, it tears me apart.TT.TT

Sunny thought Hyomin a lot,now she's in the place now

were she will apply and share what sunny done for her

and share it to others,

now she needs to stand out by herself,

how touching. :D *tears*

Invincible Youth jjang!

Hyomin fighting!


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It is just touching to see that the girls, Sunny and Hyomin, have such close bonds with one another. I had no idea that they were this close until I read this article. Though Sunny is leaving the show, she will still be your friend... Hyomin hwaiting! You can pull through and grow stronger! (:

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