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  1. So this is just rumored, huh? If it were set in stone I'd start making my plans as of now. T-ara! I cried when meeting SNSD during SM town. What would I od if I saw my number 1 girl group? Faint? XD
  2. Is it just me, or did Hyomin cut her hair again? It used ot his her shoulders, now it's barely grazing her chin. I'm sad because I liked it at her shoulders. =( (Eunjung looks like she got a trim too)
  3. I guess they mean the concepts are completely different? Because the songs are similar to me. Or maybe they didn't want people to confuse the songs (though that's a little silly considering lovey dovey's lyrics are "lovey dovey dovey etc"
  4. It really shows that a lot of production value went into this music video. I'd hoped for Hyomin to get a bigger part but, eh.
  5. I adore the song! And I thought I wouldn't because of its name. Now I'm pouting because Iwant that one to get here too. I wish the girls played a bigger part in the MVs though.
  6. Oh my god the songs are the BEST. And the preview for Lovey Dovey gave me chills! Now I can't wait for the 15th!
  7. Sigh. I guess I'll have to give up on waiting up and see it tomorrow morning. :|<br>
  8. I JUST STARTED SCREAMING THERE IS NO WAY I AM GOING TO BED NOW. I'm glad it's at 1:30 KBS though because if it was at 3 I would have to wait til morning. I've been waiting for so long!!!
  9. Woah that's some serious butt kicking they did, those other songs were hu~uuge. this bumps them out of mid-cart, which explains why they're debuting against SNSD and Wondergirls now to test the waters. Good luck to Cry Cry!
  10. AHH! PON PON!! Has been a recent earworm of mine, i'm really glad she gave this this exposure. Heee X3
  11. Does anyone know where Hyomin was for this performance? I saw a fancam of Sunny at the end of the show while talking to Jiyeon and she was totally looking for her folding screen. ;~;
  12. Yay, thank you for this, I was waiting for it! this is the show they did before Eunjung tweeted "All mine " about Hyomin and Jiyeon. :3
  13. Oh man, even more than I love her abs (which I love a LOT) I love that she requested all of them be on the cover. they're a team of sisters and I adore that she watches out for them like that. Leader Hyomin for the win!
  14. Hwayoung really cut her hair! I loved her long hair, but I think this is a good move for her. She looks hot, she looks fierce, she looks refreshed, and this is hopefully going to give her more camera time. I just want her to feel like she fits in Qri's lips are so kissable in that picture X3 Hyomin Boram Soyeon and Jiyeon look cute as usual And I miss my Eunjung!
  15. Ho my gosh they are SO FIERCE. I will adore this concept, I feel it. Did Hwayoung really cut her hair? I think the look is good for her! Her body looks amazing in these pictures too. also, it's about time sexy Hyomin makes a comeback!
  16. Ahh! Hyomin looks so fresh and cute in this picture, I can't take my eyes off her.
  17. But is the music video still coming out on the 9th? I'm going crazy here!
  18. I will forever be jealous of that guy and never find them cute, arrrgh!
  19. WAH! I'm so glad about this! I've been really missing T-ara. Hyomin looks so ethereal, I can't believe it. Her eyes! And cute little Boram is completely transformed! So fierce, oh my god. Eunjung looks the same (but not a bad thing, she's still kickass), Hwayoung is HOOTTT with short hair (It's a wig though, right?). Soyeon has this sex kitten vibe I didn't expect form her, Qri always does the heartbroken thing well, her eyes are so expressive. As for Jiyeon, when does she ever not look epically amazing? I'm lusting after this comeback, LUSTING.
  20. I'm so glad for this badass concept, I've been longing for them to look sexy and delicious again XD I can't wait, the release is so close!
  21. Is Cry Cry the comeback song? Or Lovey Dovey? At any rate I'm very glad we're seeing the return of boy!T-ara
  22. Aw does this mean there will be no video or performance for LOVE ME? I was looking forward to seeing them return to their smoking hot sexual concept.
  23. I CAN'T WAIT for this performance to be up on video. tumblr has been teasing me ALL DAY. I wish Hyomin had more of a transformation, but Eunjung, Qri and Hwayoung made up for it. Aaahh they're so cool!
  24. Since my last time updating this, I have become an extreme Eunjung fan as well. Eunjung is now tied for first with Hyomin in my heart. <3

  25. This gives me hope that Black Eyes will really push T-ara over the edge to stardom! I mean think about it in gambling, the bigger the risk the bigger the payout! 1 billion won is already huge, so their payout will be a burst of superstardom. I hope they don't do anything crazy to their hair to make me dislike the concept (I just couldn't get along with Hoot from SNSD because I personally greatly disliked Sunny's new look. Such a shame because I like Hoot!) And I am shaking in my underwear for the MV, aaaahhh. So excited!
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