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[11.01.23] Netizens think Jiyeon brings down T-ara's potential


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I think netizens shouldn't criticize people like that.

Everyone is playing their own roles to make the group known. Each of them is working very hard to built the popularity.

I think netizens should remember the one, the very first one who makes T-ara's name exists is Jiyeon.

I still remember news about Jiyeon where she is said to be Kim Tae Hee look alike. Are they forgetting that already? and another past projects Jiyeon did?

Seriously, netizens should make some research before judging peoples' effort with a picture.

For me, every member is working hard equally. :D

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i agree that eun jung is trying really hard to bring t-ara higher(and is succeeding, also due to the other member's effort :) ). but nah... ji yeon isn't bringing t-ara down, she has the talent, but probably the netizens are unhappy with her attitude, but ji yeon is still young i guess, as she grow older, she will become matured like her unnies

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how can...............she just to buzy with the schedule.........we can't blame her.............

the group need each other........without any of them , the group wouldn't be same, right ?..............

so we must support them.....

T-ara hwaiting..........

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netizens nowadays are so bad... why did they keep bugging and hurting others.. okay her vocal is not so good or maybe she made some mistake with the dance.. but who cares anyway..she is still young.. there is a lot of time for her to improve, besides they are dancing and singing for us.. if you dont like just change the channel or turn off your tv

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