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[11.01.23] Netizens think Jiyeon brings down T-ara's potential


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The stupid Netizens are the crashing plane thats on fire and exploding, GEEEZZZ, unbelievable, they're such reatrds who can't get their facts facts right, though JiYeon has been in some negative stuff but what about her awesome work in dramas, singing, dancing, variety shows and sooo much more, how does this cause the plane to crash, doesn't it bring it up ?!?!! and i've noticed that the netizens are constantly picking on JiYeon, WHAT LOSERS :@ but i'm glad they think nice about Eunjung but to say the group in general have crashed, they really are retards (esp. JiYeon, she's my favourite T-ara D:)

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that's lowlife of them netizens to state such facts.

Isn't Jiyeon one of the members that often goes out on variety shows,

starring in dramas, which in the end, helps promote t-ara in a way?

Those people have no lives to say such things.

EVERYONE in t-ara is a running engine.

No matter how much appearances one makes over another,

Each members features and talents are what makeup T-ara

The only plane crash is their antis or fans that don't believe in certain members.

I've known many people that have seen Jiyeon or Eunjung

and then lead them to become big fans of t-ara (like myself)

Reading this news is really quite infuriating.

What do they know :@

Yes, it's true Jiyeon has been in some minor scandals,

The past video or the 'expressionless face' during performances

Some of the scandals, such as the video, is just peoples assumptions

No one will truly know wether it is or not and haven't they heard of look-a-likes?

I believe she wouldn't do that. It's not in her nature....

Also to add on, doesn't everyone have certain mistakes at times,

from forgetting lyrics, messing up choreo, bad live, etc.

Why is it that Jiyeon's gets pointed out so easily as opposed to other idol groups?

Well as long as we continue to support her, it should keep her strong <3

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This is sad to hear!

How can the member that works the hardest to get such a critic??

Imagine the work she has to go through!! Photoshoots, Promotion stages, making the MV, MC for MBC Show Music Centre, Just finished her Jungle Fish 2 drama, a regular in SBS Heroes, T-ara Hello Baby, T-ara Dream Girls and school!!

so try comparing it with the other young idols!!

The more i continue the more i get angry!!!

Park ji yeon don't ever ever listen to this things!! Cause they are just jealous!!!

Park ji yeon fighting!!

I will root you forever!!!

Park ji yeon fighting!!! Park Ji Yeon fighting!!Park Ji Yeon fighting!!! Park Ji Yeon fighting!!!

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In a way I can kind of see the point and message the netizens are trying to say,

But I don't necessarily think Ji Yeon's bringing T-ara down, and even if she is, T-ara doesn't work under Ji Yeon only, there are six other members around. But yeah, if it wasn't for Ji Yeon then most people wouldn't have known T-ara at all.

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ngg, this news isn't relevant at all.

netizen shouldn't blame jiyeon. we all know that jiyeon have a hard time these days.

she have a lot of schedule to representative T-ARA in many variety show and I think she always try her best to do it.. she have a big responsibilities in this group, but how could you blame her?? she still a kid for God sake. <3

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Oh well, we are all familiar with the fact that Eunjung is trying her best to make the group sucessful, but so are the other members, giving their best.

It's a shame to say that Jiyeon brings down the groups potencial.

I would feel devastaded if i had seen the article.

Jiyeon, fighting! Show them their wrong.

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I feel that every T-ARA members have their potential and talents which contribute to T-ara's success today. I totally disagree about netizens saying that jiyeon is bringing down T-ara's potential. She can dance, act, sing, etc, and she has that cute image for T-ara. Maybe those netizens are just jealous. Saying those hurtful stuffs... no logic at all. Jiyeon FIGHTING!

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