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[11.01.23] Netizens think Jiyeon brings down T-ara's potential


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A picture comparison of female idol groups has recently been spreading like wildfire across Korean message boards.

The picture is comprised of planes labeled with female idol groups. It shows how netizens think of what a member is doing for the group.

T-ara's plane comparison shows a plane with a combusted engine while the other one is working fine. They are labeled with Park Jiyeon with the burning engine, and Ham Eunjung with the working one.

Netizens explain that Jiyeon is like a broken engine that is hindering T-ara to fly higher. While Eunjung is the engine that is trying to make T-ara fly higher. But since one engine is working, Netizens say T-ara has crashed all because of the Jiyeon engine.


Source: TVdaily

Written By: ==

Translation By: *YANiPOPO* @tiaradiadem.com

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i don't agree with the netizens! hope no fans are thinking this way

i knew T-ara because of Jiyeon after watching God of Study!

Jiyeon is great too..she can act, sing, dance and do variety shows..

anyway, she's great to me! so is the rest of the members!

T-ARA 화이팅!! :)

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heyy..I'm totally disagree with this.. >.<

I think every members in T-ARA gives positive effects for their group's popularity..

I can't imagine if T-ARA without JiYeon or any others..

I do love T-ARA because JiYeon is there for the 1st which now makes me love every members from T-ARA!!

JiYeon gives a lot of improvements to T-ARA!!

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Wow!! This is such a mean NEWS!! How evil are they with Jiyeon!! Jiyeon?! Was the girl who is so pretty and cute! that caught my attention to T-ara (Well Jung too) But yes!! WHY?! That's mean i swear.. i wonder why the compared it with Dumb airplanes!! DON'T AGREE!! DISAGRREE!! I think every T-ara member is trying thier best! Hwaiting T-ara.

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alot of netizens are trolls, they have nothing else to do but criticize, and all are nut-jobs

the girls all have a busy schedule, they all work hard, so they all have bad days, i'm sure Jiyeon just gets bad luck and gets her bad days in times when they do their performances.

They all need each other to be T-ara.

T-ara Fighting!

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Jiyeon > That people

I can't believe this D:

They are saying those things since she didn't smile in YaYaYa performances but this is unfair.

I personally thinks that T-Ara is a good group. Each member gives something to the group. Without any of them, the group wouldn't be the same.

My beloved Jiyeon...FIGHTING!

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i really don't get it.


Why ? Please someone tell me the reason why

Jiyeon would be the reason for t-ara to turn down?

and be the hindrances to make t-ara flew sO high?? :)

Oh gawd. first thing is up. Jiyeon's popularity

helps t-ara to be known. You can't imagine t-ara without

this maknae. Netizens really dun have anything to do but to ruin

this kid's life. :D

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