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[11.01.23] Netizens think Jiyeon brings down T-ara's potential


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without ji-yeon, t-ara won't be t-ara! it's like even when eunjung is not ard for promotions, you can feel the difference! netizens are just talking nonsense

yea you right....:)

i think they envious jiyeon...because jiyeon more succes than their idols...

so they try to bring down jiyeon....i don't like their way....:lol:

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lol this is pretty absurd and shouldn't be considered news...

I mean, unless there was a netizen poll where 1000 people voted, this means nothing. One person could have just made that which reflects no one else's belief.

What is annoying is that using the term "netizen" has no numerical value.

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the only reason why im in to t-ara in the first place is because of jiyeon.

she is my favourite member and because i heard of he in dramas is how i started liking t-ara.

his is a rude way to compare girl groups. I mean, I'm not exactly a "fan" of other girl groups, but seriously, all these girls work so hard... T-ara girls especially. The 4Minute one is REALLY rude. T.T

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