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[11.01.26] Kim Kwangsoo's opinions/visions on performers Ham Eunjung-Park Jiyeon


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Kim Kwangsoo's opinions/visions on performers Ham Eunjung-Park Jiyeon


Core Contents Media, represented by CEO Kim Kwangsoo has produced a long line of dramas and movies such as "East of Eden", "Cinderella Man", "Coffee House", "Death Bell 1" and "Death Bell 2" and coming in February, the creative musical production, "Tears of Heaven".

-excerpted things about CCM actors/Davichi-

The most prominent idol actors are Ham Eunjung and Park Jiyeon from the 7-member girl group T-ara. After the girl group had great success, the two girls began expanding into acting, both being successful.

Kim Kwangsoo said, "It was a turning point for Eunjung through 'Coffee House.' At the time of the creation, we weren't worried about the ratings but evolving (?) Eunjung. Thanks to her appearance in that drama, she could be cast in 'Dream High'."

In SBS 'Coffee House', which aired last year, Eunjung proved to be a successful idol singer who could act.KBS2TV 'Dream High', which is now airing stars Eunjung and showed off a clear difference and revealed her true acting presence.

"Eunjung was a child actor, so she steadily continued acting and was able to have a stable performance. Her bright personality showed, and she got a lot of offers from entertainment show agencies. She received numerous offers from 'We Got Married' producers, but she (Eunjung) continually refused."

Before T-ara's debut, Jiyeon had appeared in 'Soul' and showed her potential as an actor first (before debuting in T-ara). After that, Jiyeon appeared one after another, starting in the KBS2TV drama 'God of Study' and then 'Death Bell 2' showing to be the most active member. This year, she's busy MCing for a music program and wrapped up filming for 'Jungle Fish 2'.

"It was a wise choice for us to put Jiyeon in 'Soul' right away. While acting with other seniors, she grew a lot. Truthfully, Jiyeon didn't receive many acting lessons from when she was a child. Eunjung had done things a little differently. Although Jiyeon is still at a young age, to be honest, I feel she could be the next big star."

When asked why Kim Kwangsoo wanted all the members to be actresses and not just singers, he explained that the "singer's life is short, especially for an idol singer. T-ara members will be able to gain popularity as singers, but when they grow older they'll be able to pursue other things and expand into things such as acting."

In addition to T-ara's Eunjung and Jiyeon, Soyeon, Qri, Hyomin and Boram have all made debuts as actresses. However, it's not ending there for them.

"I want to make entertainers, not only singers. T-ara and Davichi did gain a lot of popularity through singing. However, if a singer can make herself an actor, her career may be bettered. Rather than being content to being a singer, you should push yourself to be better. Through all this, I try to help them out as much as I can" he says humbly.

Kim Kwangsoo is known to have a "Midas touch" by producing Jo Sungmo, SG Wannabe, SeeYa, Goh Minwoo, Kim Jong Wook, etc. Throughout his career, Kim Kwang Soo's artists have sold over 25,000,000 albums, making his company the company with the most best-selling artists.


Source: Newsen

Written by: Go Youngmin

Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem

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I'm so happy that he wants to make T-ara more then singers and help them in every way he can :D He's really caring and that's great right? Well I like T-ara acting, I've loved all the dramas and movies that I watched and they were in it :D Can't wait to see more in the future and I hope they will still sing though cause that's what they began with and of course they will. T-ara Hwaiting~! :D

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He said about JiYeon : "to be honest, I feel she could be the next big star."

Oh my, I think it might be happen soon!! Just in her young age, her talents have been spotted by many people and I'm glad that I become her fans!! Yeahhh!! :D

And for Kim Kwangsoo, you're so great in producing and developing a lot of marvelous entertainers..Well Done!! ^^

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Sometimes, the Core Contents Media's CEO confuses me and then makes me happy, I don't know why. I can't believe Eunjung was offered by the We Got Married producers but she constantly turned them down, I wonder who her husband would have been. I love her in Coffee House!

& Ji Yeon is doing a great job. A good actress! :D

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FINALLY, AN AWESOME PERSON that can actually describe JiYeon, Eunjung and T-ara properly and truthfully :D i'm soo glad the girls are getting the great suportive comments and recognition for all the hard work they're doing, FIGHTING T-ARA, and after all the negative comments JiYeon has been getting from the netizens, someone is finally seeing the GREAT POTENTIAL of JiYeon being a great STAR !

FIGHTING T-ARA (less than three)

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This CEO is a beast, he is very optimistic at what he wants for the girls. He planned not just to make singers out of the people he has chosen to be in his company but to broaden their talents for their future. I want to see the whole T-ara members do a show together haha.

Great work sir, you have done well.

Core Contents Media Fighting!

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