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[11.05.05] T-ara's Jiyeon "Music·Acting·Variety...Idol, responsibility has grown"


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T-ara's Jiyeon "Music·Acting·Variety...Idol, responsibility has grown" (Interview)


◆ The way idols are being viewed, issue vs. responsibility

- Singing, dancing, now including acting and variety, Jiyeon is a young girl who isn't afraid of first challenges. Isn't it also your first try at voice acting through 'Gnomeo and Juliet'.

Yes, that's right. For just regular acting, I think about how I can make myself come out well on the screen. However, for dubbing, you have to give your all into your voice. I think that's why I think I overreacted. (laughs) Although difficult, I found that putting feeling into your own voice was a job full of its charms. I was just concerned a lot over what would happen if my voice sounded lower than my partner's, MBLAQ's Lee Joon.

- From what we heard from your company, they seem to have said that 'rather than the amount of practicing time, it's Jiyeon's quick learning ability'.

I don't think that's it. (laughs) The result comes out just as much as I practiced.

- In the past, mostly comedians have done animation dubbing. But a lot of idol members have been beginning to come out as well, such as SNSD's Taeyeon and Seohyun in 'Super Bad', f(x)'s Sulli in 'Sammy's Adventures', Kara's Goo Hara in 'Alpha and Omega' etc.

I think there is the effect for idol members that try dubbing to be able to make it become a big issue. However, as much attention they receive, whether they do well or not, idols have to take on that responsibility that comes with. The responsibility keeps getting bigger.

- It really is the 'idol multiple ability' generation. Is there a certain area you're particularly interested in between music promotions and acting.

Both have its charms to the point where I can't possibly pick one. Singing and acting, I really like and find it enjoyable. It's cruel to even make me pick one. Of course, I still worry. Since there is the pressure to have to do even greater.


◆ Expressionless cold doll? Unfair misunderstanding

- Do you have any idol members you're close with.

There's Lee Joon. We met during 'Jungle Fish 2' and we met again this time for 'Gnomeo and Juliet' as lovers of the century. (laughs) We also picked each other as each other's closest idol member on a variety program. To be honest, there aren't many people I'm close with in the entertainment world. People say my first impression appears to be cold.

- But your doll-like looks look more lovely than cold.

Others can mistake me for looking mad if I have no expression on. Because I'm extremely shy, I have to have met you a lot of times to be close enough to barely show you aegyo. (laughs) It took a long time to become close with Lee Joon too. Including him, he told me he saw me as a kid with a not-so-good personality at the beginning of our debut days. (laughs)

- Then how did you manage to take on the romantic acting for 'Gnomeo and Juliet' when you say you normally don't have any aegyo.

It was really hard. On top of that, my voice is the husky type so I received a lot of orders from the dubbing artist teachers to make my voice tone go higher.

- In the movie 'Death Bell 2', you played Saehee, in 'Jungle Fish 2' as Seoyool, etc. For your latest projects, you acted as somewhat gloomy characters. But you also received love from fans as the tomboy-ish young lady 'Juliet', 'God of Study''s Hyunjung, and in the variety program 'Heroes', showing your bright sides. What kind of personality are you most comfortable with when it comes to acting.

To be honest, I have strong emotions. I match well with cheerful acting when my cheerful self appears. But I also like showing cold sides as well. I think I go back and forth. (laughs)

◆My real Romeo, 'married man' Lee Chunhee

- In 'Gnomeo and Juliet' you fall in love at first sight with Lee Joon who is Gnomeo. We're curious about Jiyeon's real ideal type.

The real Romeo for me is a manly but cute guy. I like guys that also have the sense to show cute sides of themselves once in a while. Recently turned 'married man', Lee Chunhee oppa is closest to my ideal type. Even though I haven't met him in person once yet. (laughs)

- We also asked Lee Joon next to you who his ideal type was and he answered with "a kind person". Persistent with his answer, he gave a silly reply "I'll just go with Jiyeon", also answering that the prettiest girl group member was Jiyeon.

I took care of oppa a lot. When filming 'Jungle Fish 2', I even let him borrow my gloves and I found out he just took them. (laughs)

At the compliment given to Jiyeon about the strong red mini-dress worn during the interview, she responded, 'Usually I wear black colored clothes. I don't think bright colored clothes suit me", while giving a shy smile. Lee Joon, who was seated next to her joked "taking things off suits me well', Jiyeon let out a big laugh, reverting back to a young girl, and not as the girl group member full of responsibility.



Source: http://news.nate.com.../20110505n03296

Translations: maknaes. @ tiaradiadem

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She's definitely more mature for her age, and it shows when she's with the rest of her members. I think she's only shy when she's in the company of strangers, but when everyone is familiar to her (like her members and Heroes cast mates) her real personality shines through. Tough love is what she subscribes to. <3

I, for one, thinks she's absolutely gorgeous in strong red. It suits her equally strong, no-nonsense personality. <3

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ah, when i read this article, i remember something like this

Ji Yeon have lot of issue lately, some article show her expressionless face (blank face) during live show, some said she is exhausted with filming, as CF model, tight schedule...

so i said Ji Yeon is human too, she is not a robot that doesn't get tired and have straight mood

to all ppl out there who have wrote negative article like that, pls give some understanding and be more reasonable, try to put yourself in her shoes

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Why I feel that Jiyeon is full of aegyo in this interview lollaugh.gif

Oh my Jiyeon Jiyeon Jiyeon, she still considers Lee Chunhee as her ideal type :), girl he's married, move to Joon plz hahatongue.gif

JiJoon is so sweet together <3 N Joon is so nice, keep complimenting hersmile.gif

Jiyeon ah keep it up and bring us fans happiness okcool.gif

This is gonna be one of my most favourite articles <3

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Wow..she really sounds so mature...its good to know dat she has this side to her as well...

this will show people dat shes nt juz a pretty face...fighting jiyeon....i'll miss her antics in heroes though...

hope she gets into another variety program...

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wow!!jiyeon is so talented..

when i read the article,its just that she has a reason for her certain impression treatment

im proud of her because even we have the same age,she's faster in learning something compared to me..

now i think i want to compete with my lovely jiyeon!!!

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