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    If he had cast her on the street, I think KKS should put more effort in refining her and make her debut a little later with other trainees or as a soloist. If she really is such a nice find, KKS shouldn't push her debut, especially not with a group that's already successful. It's just a downfall for both Dani and T-ara imo. And no matter how many hours of training is done beforehand, having only less than a year of training before putting in a top notch group is stupid as hell. But i guess he lost his "Midas touch" because of other suppose 'failures' So he's just playing it safe and putting her in an already successful group.
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    1.Stop mentioned her height 167cm (it's kinda insulting my height as well as SoRam). 2.Been caught on the street?-WhooHoo..I should come to Korea, grooming as innocent girl on street, enjoying and walking while eating my peppermint ice-cream .. 3.I knew she stay in the US 10 yrs ago but does that mean she good in Korean as well?If KKS need English speaker in T-ARA for the sake of their international promotions,why CCM can't send Soyeon to English class and at the same time improve her English skills since she's the spoke person of T-ARA. 4.Another rapper in T-ARA? Does T-ARA sooner or later turn to hip-hop group?- Poor EunMinYoung,their lines are getting lessen than anyone..With addition of two newbies, I can see a way out of T-ARA was wide open to QriRam. Good job KKS! 5."He had no idea if she could sing or act, but declares that he found an "unrefined jewel."-Of course KKS doesn't have any idea why he need to scouted her because there is NO BRAIN IN HIS HEAD!!!! 6. "In order to make sure I don't hurt T-ara's popularity or image, I'm practicing more before I join my unnies." -kid,(sorry,i'm not trying to be rude),your place is SCHOOL! Not in T-ARA! You still young, need to learn a lot of thing to become like T-ARA.I rather said you should debut when you 16yrs (next two years).Plus,in your addition into T-ARA, both you and your stupid boss Kim Kwang Soo already hurt million QUEEN'S heart. Do you think we will get over about this soon? It's took us months or year to accept Hwa and don't expect much from us to accept you within minutes or weeks or whatever. Probably decade. 7.The only good thing I can say to Danee,WELCOME TO HELL LIFE,kiddy. 8.If killing someone does count as legal action, you must be the first person I want to kill,KKS! 9.Girl, better you show us your real talents (singing and dancing)-Not your innocent look cuz I'm not falling into innocent+pure your images. Seriously,I'm getting sick read any articles about her because I'm not ready to accept her so far.
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    Um. So basically he's saying that a child he found on the street has the vocal and charismatic ability to land herself into one of the current most popular girl groups in the business. He's saying T-ara's 5+ years of work is worth one pervy glance from an old man to a girl just walking along the sidewalk. She didn't audition. She didn't train. She didn't pursue a career in singing or entertaining. She was seen on the streets at 12 years old and approached by a man with tons of money who promised her fame and riches. And we're supposed to respect her as a valuable member of T-ara? This is a joke and I'm not having it.
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    "Hello everyone, I'm T-ARA's Dani. I'm 14 years old (*actually 12 years old) but I'm taller than most of you already (*innocent laugh). I am very good in English. Apple is A. Bo Peep Bo peep is B, Cry Cry is C and D is DANI !!! (*giggle) I was discovered on the streets by our beloved "father", KKS. Please don't be jealous of me cause I know I'm really lucky to be discovered in this manner since I've no idea that I can either sing or act. But I can dance though. I hope that I'll change all your hate towards me to love and please support me. Here's a tip to everyone who's dreaming of getting discovered by paedophiles like KKS. Just wear clothes that make you look innocent and of course you should always be seen eating an ice-cream while going for a movie. Thank you everyone. Hope that you'll love me". It's so hard to not hate Dani. It's so freaking hard. I have a feeling that KKS is making us hate her even more. Hate as much as you want but in the end, we'll all love her cause the T-ara members will pretend as if she's accepted in the group. Love T-ara means love Dani. As much as I love T-ara and as much as I hope that they'll last long as a group, I hope that at the end of this year, they'll do something about what KKS is pressuring on them. Soyeon should lead the lawsuit (I even think she could become their own lawyer) with strong support from Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin. They need to do something to prevent themselves from being treated like a slave or puppet already. If they like it, finish all their concerts first, publish that repackage album and then start sueing.
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    I think the difference here is that Hwayoung WANTED to be in the industry, she was scouted on an entertainment show she appeared on, so she already knew this was something she wanted to do. I also wouldn't necessarily say she's improved since debut as she's always been talented...she has just been given more opportunities to show HOW talented she is as of late, whereas when she debuted she was kind of pushed to the back or given lines like "I like-a like-a dis" that did nothing to showcase her abilities. But she absolutely KILLED her part in "Ma Boo," and that was enough for me to realize that there was something special about her. Hwayoung has always kind of possessed a natural spark that catches your eye, too...in performances like "Cry Cry," where she doesn't sing at all, I always found myself watching out for her because she exudes confidence and sexiness in that choreo. I'd argue that she did the best job with it out of all the girls... But I digress. Dani, on the other hand, is just too damn young to know what she wants, and if being an idol hadn't even crossed her mind before she was scouted then my hopes aren't too high for her regarding her capabilities. BoA, who was similarly scouted, trained for YEARS before she was allowed to finally debut, whereas Dani will make her debut in mere months. T-ara are quickly becoming Asian-wide superstars; the last thing they need is a weak link in the form of an adolescent girl who is just figuring out who she is, much less what she wants to do with the rest of her teenage/young adult life. This little girl just better realize that once she's in T-ara, she's in it. She better stick it out for the sake of the other eight girls and not screw it up for them. She needs to bust her ass and bring her A-game since this whole ordeal has brought so much stress on both the group and the fandom that I'm surprised T-ara hasn't stepped up and said something yet. She has a lot to prove and if she ends up being dead weight it'll be pointed out fast by people who will have no problem obliterating a young girl and calling her the filthiest names imaginable just because they can. No special accomodations better be made for her outside of what is legally required for minors in the industry; if the older members are suffering and busting their butts, she better be right alongside them doing the same. After this I don't want to hear about member additions, deletions, NOTHING for a good long while, if ever again. And God help me, if T-ara end up taking the After School route and do the ridiculous admission/graduation system, I'm out. Kahi's recent announcement that she would be leaving AS to pursue a solo career brings the number of original members in the group down to 2. Anybody that's followed AS can attest to the fact that they are nowhere NEAR the same group they used to be, either in concept or in sound. It's a ridiculous system, and it just won't work for T-ara because it was never part of the plan for them to begin with. Hell, it hasn't even really worked out all that well for AS, and fans KNEW it was part of their concept. But these changes that KKS insists on implementing don't feel organic and are hardly sound; they're just ridiculous gimmicks that are just hurting the credibility T-ara had finally gained in the industry. If I didn't know any better I'd venture to say that KKS is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy T-ara, because nobody can be so stupid to believe that such drastic changes won't hurt the group, especially when they're at such a precarious point in their relatively young careers. Now is the time to be promoting STABILITY, not restructuring them to the point that the fans won't be able to recognize the group as a whole any longer. Better yet, instead of scaring the girls into submission, why don't you listen to them, KKS? Their cries for a break are legitimate and shouldn't be stifled; there's no reason to punish them for telling the truth, and if you want them to get through the dreaded "3 year curse" intact then I'd be doing my damnedest to keep them happy and satisfied, not pouring salt on their wounds.
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    Isn't it unusual to scout someone from the STREET to an already established girl group? That seeing a child on the street made KKS think "HMM THIS GIRL IS WHAT T-ARA IS MISSING." When you think about this, really think about it, it should dawn on everyone that Dani was recruited for nothing else except her age. If she had been a talented youtube cover singer, a model, a child actress, anything at all it would have at least been excusable. One could at least have speculated that KKS was putting thought into how he manages his top girl group. "Hey maybe this little girl shows great promise, maybe she's passionate about singing, maybe she's a good dancer, maybe her english speaking skills will take T-ara to the next level." But no. Knowing she was cast from the street at 12 years old and thrown into a 3 year old girl group just makes it obvious there was no thinking involved. KKS literally took to the streets and picked up a random little girl, to show T-ara that he's their slave master and rub in in their face that he makes them. That their talents mean nothing. That they are his pawns and easily replaceable. He's despicable.
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    I am so sick of hearing about this girl...the more I hear about her the less legitimate the whole thing sounds. So, she's 14, she didn't even want to pursue a career in the idol industry, and at this point we really have no clue if she can sing or act because she was scouted by KKS on the street, no less. She can dance, but T-ara's choreography has never been known to be extremely challenging, and a good dancer is only going to make T-ara's issues with fatigue during their live performances MORE noticeable, so what's her purpose? I'll tell you: she's a visual, plain and simple, and it pisses me off. Her age isn't what's holding her back from debuting sooner than December...it's that there was plenty of work to be done before she could even set foot on a stage as I'm guessing she probably has no natural talent whatsoever. Furthermore, T-ara doesn't need visuals, there are plenty of beautiful girls in the group, all of which could be pegged as visuals depending on the territory you're in or who you're talking to. If T-ara needed anything it was a strong voice to help build a bridge between Soyeon's lovely but understated vocals or Eunjung's powerful but at times uncontrolled singing. THAT'S what we needed, not more dead weight for the girls to contend with. Dani will have lost her usefulness by the time she debuts as I've noticed a lot of people are sick of hearing about her, and it's only been two weeks since we found out about her. Furthermore, T-ara never NEEDED new members to achieve a total overhaul...KKS could have achieved a similar result by putting the girls on hiatus for several months to a year to work on their vocals and dancing abilities. He's going about this all the wrong way, and he's killing T-ara's momentum in the process. Hopefully the other new member will be what Dani is proving NOT to be...a talented, hard worker who helps bring the girls of T-ara to a new level. But right now I don't see it for Dani. At all. Hwayoung had to bust her ass to get in good with netizens, and she made sure it was known within a year's time of her debuting that she was a multi-faceted performer...excellent rapper, decent dancer, fair vocalist, surprisingly talented songwriter. She may have brought nothing new to the group, but she was a sound addition in that she is talented and blended well with the group. Dani better gear up and be ready, because I see her having it even worse than Hwa did when she debuted.
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    hello MR. pedo !! okay i know i said i'll support her but WHAT!! i was hoping she'll be talented. she doesn't even want to be a singer from the start. she's not trained! how about all those trainees who work 24\7 for years and only 25% of them get the chance to debut . and this kid she to enter in a popular group like t-ara just like that without any effort and experiance???!!! WTH KKS !! t-ara's soyeon, hyomin, eunjung, jiyeon, boram and even Qri they were all trained for atleast 3+ years!! omg this is so stupid and unfair for T-ara.
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    The more I hear about Dani ( and now this incredible story ) the more I find it unbelievable, illogical, there MUST be something behind, but what ? And then I started to understand, isn't this... what we call "love at first sight" ? What could explain better the fact that KKS don't stop talking about Dani as if she were a goddess and seek at all cost to make her debut as soon as possible without any discernment ? I'm affraid of this conclusion but honnestly, that's the most plausible that I found. KKS has a crush on this 12/13 years old girl, he fell in love on seeing her in the street, there is nothing we can do now... Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, that's it.
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    Queen's need to knock some sense into her head. Obviously she's already hurting T-ara's popularity (some have left) and ruining T-ara's image, T-ara is becoming a joke now. Either she's stupid or really ignorant. Also can't believe she's gonna take the spotlight for the MV...
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    This is ridiculous ! How could he just hire her just like that? Does he even know that T-ara is not just an ordinary girl group in korea and in asia. We are talking about T-ara here---- T-ARA! And he just wants to add an undefined jewel LOL! This is totally unfair to T-ara, they trained their butts out just to be on top and Dani just walked on street and wholaaaa she is now part of T-ara. Bravo KKS!!!! I expected a little about this girl but how could she sing and dance in front of the crowd and face her detractors to prove herself if she is a totally newbie? Feel sorry for her! I put the blame on KKS. So, what is their concept for their next album after she joined the group? Since KKS keeps uttering how innocent she is, maybe their concept is cute, pure and catchy just like the theme in the song "Apple is A" but this time it would be "Banana is B".
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    KKS knows most of the QUEENs doesn't like Dani, so he keep on come out with these kind of stupid news, hope to regain some support from QUEENs......but obviously he is making some big mistake here....the more the news about Dani...the more people will dislike her....instead of Dani, why don't he spend some time to visit Boram in the hospital instead...........
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    I have enough with "the height of 167cm" which repeated over and over. c'mon if height is that important she could be model instead of idol. KKS, queen's will prove that you are wrong with your 30 years of experiences of sh*t
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    [PICS] HQ photos of T-ara's Jewelry Box (All editions) (06/07) Sapphire Version Diamond Version Pearl Version Download This Photoset : .RAR : http://www.mediafire...1i9x5j2cbxqsqak --> 100P CREDIT : Kafuka + TCN + tikaluph + tiaradiadem.com
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    [12.06.08] Poll - Vote for T-ara at the 2012 Mnet 20's Choice awards The voting for the 2012 Mnet's 20's Choice awards has now opened! It will run from June 7th up to June 27th. The awards night will be held on June 28th and T-ara needs our vote in the "20's Online Music" category where they are nominated. HOW TO VOTE: 1. Go to Mnet's Voting Site > Click Here. 2. Click the "Voting Starts" button on the middle of the page. 3. Log-in with your Twitter/Facebook Account or Register with your email 4. For each category, click the picture of the artist you are voting for. You have to vote in the 17 categories before you can submit your votes. 5. After voting in all the categories, click the Submit or Confirm Vote at the bottom. You can only vote once a day for each ID/Account. *** Credit : http://www.t-araworld.net/, Mnet
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    [12.06.06] Quick News - "We Got Married" to resume broadcasting on the 16th We Got Married will resume broadcasting on June 16th at 5:15 PM KST. An official for MBC said to TV Report, "'We Got Married' will resume broadcasting new episodes shot before the strike. The staff who were not involved in the strike will be working on the production and editing." The episode on June 16th will be feature Eunjung-Jangwoo's Lombok, Indonesia trip that was shot prior to the strike. For the Sora-Leeteuk couple, they do not have anything shot so they will rush into new shooting. They will also resume shooting for new episodes and are currently in the process of scheduling. Because Jangwoo is currently starring in the drama "I Do, I Do" and Eunjung is having activities with T-ara in Japan, they will begin on the 10th when she returns to Korea. *** Source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=232990 Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    [12.06.07] Video HD - THE FIRST STORY OF T-ARA (DIGEST) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeajH3HsmXM&feature=plcp *** CR : Greencaramelfu@yt
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    He clearly wrote that press release himself since it mentions him about as often as it mentions Dani. Also all the details make her inclusion in T-ara even more clearly unnecessary and ridiculous. He is the absolute worst.
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    so she's gonna be a rapper or a sub vocal !!! >''< hah this is ridiculous All of them can sing, and most of them can rap I thought her vocal would be like surprisingly daebak, but then this.... I guess her role is to translate for T-ara and communicate to int. fans KKS has been around for too long, someone just needs to send him back to the hospital
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    WHAT wait WHAT "He had no idea if she could sing or act" is this KKS idea of a singer that can support Soyeon seriously. Just like that and what about the other people that have trained for years. Great idea CCM cast a random 14 year old little and turn her into an idol yeah sure. On other sites it even says she had no desire do become an idol. What is going on this is what T-ARA gets after all the effort, tears, sacrifices and hardwork. Maybe I can be lucky and become T-ARA's 10th member at this rate
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    [EVENT] T-ara's Japan Tour 2012 poster (06/06) CREDIT : T-arafan.com + Ehlana + tiaradiadem.com
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    Ladies and Gentlement...! Bring you guys a good news. YES...!!! <<T-ARA>> is coming to Malaysia this year...!!! Date, Time, and Location will be kept "myterious" from you guys first. (: Stay tuned!!!!! Organize by:Jazzy Group of Companies
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    [12.06.07] Video - T-ara's performance @ SEN TV's Seoul Forum Starting @ 4:38 *** cr : sentveconomy@yt
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    Voted! if we just keep voting every day, this will go over really well T-ARA FIGHTING!
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    Done for today. T-ara temporarily lead the votes for Online Music category with 29,5% . Come on all Queen's, prove that our girls still the Queen of Digital Music!
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    Why do some people think that smh She could have say no....I don't feel sorry for her because she already knows what she's getting herself into. I tried really hard not to hate her but these articles are making me dislike her more and more. I can feel the hate right now.
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    Phew. This KKS guy sure making some risky gamble here. This girl still doesn't know how to sing and dance, and KKS just put her in t-ara just like that. without proper time to trained.
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    to KKS She is look alike like “Olivia Hussey” She is Tall The most important is KKS couldn't get her image out of his mind, he drove back 200m to find her.
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    so the conclusion from what i read here is KKS just add a random cutie little girl with have no talent or interest in singing or acting, if she doesn't have talents, just make her as a rapper and she will become talented. case closed. i don't know it's so easy to be a rapper and to be called a talented person. i think i can be rapper too lol wth KKS !!! T-ara are fulled with awesome rappers and what's the point to add more rapper when your rappers are already great and perfect??!!! i mean i never find an idol group in kpop with almost half of the members can rap and their rap are fine ! look at the awesomeness of eunjung's x hwayoung's x hyomin's combo rap, Boram's and soyeon's fine rap ! I just hear their TTL Japan and it's totally daebakkk!!! i don't want my favourite rappers will be replaced with some random new rapper ! at first i thought when KKS said those two new members will be singing as vocalists, i think i still can accept her, because she can help our three main singers a.k.a soyeon, eunjung and hyomin. eunjung are perfect in power but we can't deny sometimes she can't control her voice and hyomin's voice is good but quite ordinary. but damn i should not believe KKS's words that much. He such a big liar. btw, i hope the articles will stop to write about "midas touch" and "30 years experience" thingy... i'm sick hearing of it in every articles. i understand he had a midas touch and had a lot of experiences. but it was... i only care about what he has done in these new days, not his old days. his 30 years experiences will be wasted if he doesn't know how to appreciate someone's hardwork and dedication, just like what he did to T-ara.
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    the fact that dani is also another rapper make me feel scared that hwayoung gonna have shorter line again...
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    i don't get it....some idols have to spend years training while others turn famous overnight? even if they had some amazing talent it wouldn't be fair. and what if they don't even have talent? i'm not exactly saying that this girl doesn't have any talent but we don't know yet. come on, this is ridiculous already.... it's probably too much to ask for justice in 2012.
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    ...I just don't understand. Why are you doing this to them? To us? >< Ugh, Hwayoung was pretty untrained when she's debuted and she's managed to improve significantly since then... I hope Dani can do the same... ^^"
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    Random scouting like that isn't unusual. That's how Eunjung was found a long time ago, Soomi from Seeya/coed/5dolls, Jessica from SNSD, Lee Hyori, etc. And she'll have about as much training as Hwayoung did before debuting. Anyway, I'm still curious to see what she'll be able to add to T-ara. Hopefully she'll show as much growth as Hwayoung has over the past 2 years!
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    Ya, same here. Anyone below the age of 16 shouldn't debut at all imo. She has like 3 years to perfect singing and dancing and rock the kpop world and be at the right age to debut; not too young, not too old. The perfect age lol, although i wouldn't care if she was 24 or so if she debut, age = experience = lovely voice lol Right now, she's only 14, maybe 15 when she joins T-ara and she's going to end up with some health problems before she turns 20.. it's very sad to see. Plus, she's probably not going to be given much love and/or support from some Queen's. *sighs* Opps, I better get back to work
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    OMG why did you posted this video!!! I will try my best not to watch this because I really want to unpack mine and be surprised!!! Need surprises right now!!! I won't watch this!!! NO NO NO NO !!!!! HAVE TO WAIT FOR MINE NOW !!! BTW, i ordered only Diamond version for now. Will order the 2 others one very soon.
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    It saddens me too to read about those news where one of them is injured, sick or even fainted. I am sorry to say this but at times I feel like it would be better for Boram to leave T-ara. With the conditions of her health and her constantly taking medications (especially for her excessive sweating) and other unknown medications, it is likely that her health is going to get worst. I even wonder how could she stay in a group where she doesn't get a lot of lines to sing, she's overshadowed by other members, she's the oldest but nobody gives a freaking damn about her for such a long time. Boram really deserves the recognition that she's supposed to get after 3 years of hard work. I've always remember her saying to T-ara, "I'll try to be the best Unnie and I'll do my best to not pull you guys down" (in tears). I admire her for her courage and her perseverance to stay strong despite her weaker body and KKS's mounting pressure. Boram, all the best to you and get well soon. Rest well and no matter what happens, your fans will be behind you.
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    Acute gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining...it can be caused by a multitude of different things, but it's usually associated with taking too many NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory drugs like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Naproxen). This is more than likely why Boram developed gastritis; if she's having to take medicine like Tylenol or Ibuprofen every day, gastritis can develop. Another malady to watch out for is liver failure. This news is saddening on so many levels...for some reason I feel like the stage is being set for Boram to leave the group after reading this. I'm sad for one because this is T-ara's FIRST MAJOR TOUR EVER, and Boram is not going to be able to join the girls on their first tour date; it's possible she may miss the tour entirely. That sucks, as even if the girls are overworked I'm sure that on some level they recognize that this is what they've been working for, and Boram has played a major part in the group's Japanese promotions so her absense will be missed. She deserved to be there standing alongside the other six when they took their bow on the first night. Going back to the original point I made, I just fear that this may be used as a way to gently "push" Boram out of the group in the coming months. In a way it's the perfect crime...the foundation is laid by the announcement that she is having to be pulled from the group's promotions due to gastitis, leading to a public discussion on her health (which, let's face it, has been pretty poor since she joined T-ara); a few months later, Boram exits the group, citing that her health is her first priority and that she wishes to recuperate. The only problem is that KKS has become such a nasty monster that we could never be sure if that was truly the reason she exited the group...if it is true, then by all means, I applaud her on taking her life into her own hands and making a decision that will benefit her for years to come, but if this is all some elaborate ruse to push her out of the group while simultaneously absolving CCM/KKS of any guilt then I hope it comes back to bite the idiot in the ass, so hard. And I don't want to think like this, at all...I really don't. I want to think that they're being compassionate to her and they understand that this is truly out of her hands, but I just have a feeling that nothing good will come of this. Praying for you, Rambo. You're my bias in the group, and I'm so sorry that you won't get your time to shine on tour like you deserve. I hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    SHE WILL BE MEMBER OF T-ARA TOO ! U guys should take care of her !
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